Gran Turismo 7’s multiplayer is broken — here’s how it should be fixed

Gran Turismo 7 has been a mixed bag to say the least, from its 5-star review to microtransaction hell and an always-online requirement practically throwing all that good will away.

My love/hate relationship with this game continues, and while I may get tempted back for a while by this week’s 1.17 update Giving me the legendary Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special, there’s a fundamental issue that has me on the edge of break-up.

(Image credit: PlayStation)

A mixture of problematic matchmaking, a joke of a penalty system and malicious players that have worked out how to manipulate said system to their advantage is sucking the competitive fun out of this game, to the point that I and many other racers are starting to question the point of even playing anymore.

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