Grace Ellis brings the past to life in ‘Flung Out of Space’

About five years ago, Columbus comics writer Grace Ellis attended a Broadway production of the Paula Vogel-penned play “Indecent,” which centers in part on a historical theater controversy.

In the days and weeks that followed, Ellis toyed with the possibility of adapting the play for a comic, eventually scrapping the idea after rightly surmising that the story derived much of its strength from the way itd the history of theater explored from the actual stage.

“And so, I started wondering if there was some sort of comics-equivalent to that,” Ellis said in a mid-April interview. “Comics history is such a mystery, because it was such a low rent artform. … But I kind of remembered that Patricia Highsmith might have done something in comics, and the more I dove into it, the more it became clear it was a hidden history on purpose. She hated [the form] so much that she literally burned her comics and all of the evidence that she ever worked in it. It’s very dramatic, I know, which is great for a character.”

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