Give Sora Mickey Ears With This Kingdom Hearts 3 Customization Mod

A modder has added Kingdom Hearts 0.2’s customization features back into Kingdom Hearts 3.

Before Kingdom Hearts 3’s launch, there was a whole suite of features that were teased or expected to be added to the game. Although most of them did, there are a few curious omissions that didn’t make it into the game, including Olympus Coliseum matches, and a few playable characters that everyone expected to see.

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One other feature was actually teased in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage – customisation. Aqua was able to complete challenges to earn headgear and special bits of clothing that allowed the player to customise her a little bit. There weren’t a ton of options, but it was viewed as the beginning of a system that would become more functional in Kingdom Hearts 3.



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That wasn’t the case, however, as no form of customization exists in Kingdom Hearts 3 This is curious as all of the items exist within Kingdom Hearts 3’s files, implying that something was going to be done with them. Modder dallin1016 has taken it upon themselves to re-add all of the items to the game, essentially adding customisation back into Kingdom Hearts 3.

The mod, available now on Nexus Mods, works together with another mod called ModLoader to let players equip Sora with all of the items that were found in A Fragmentary Passage. A special pair of Mickey ears has also been added alongside the mod to go with the Minnie ears, as 0.2 only allowed you to put on red and blue variations of Minnie’s ears. Guess Sora’s more of a Mickey fan then.

Although the mod doesn’t quite add in the customization menu that is found in 0.2, being able to equip Sora with all of the same items is cool enough as is. Knowing how much work the modding community has put into Kingdom Hearts 3, it seems like a matter of time until something like that comes along anyway.

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