Fort Collins police K9 Gunnar trained to keep summer events safe

If you go to a Fort Collins music festival this summer, you might see Fort Collins Police Services K9 Gunnar weaving through the crowd with his twitching nose pointed at the sky.

Gunnar — a 6-year-old black lab mix — isn’t looking for a pet from attendees or listening to the music or cheering fans. He and his nose are laser-focused on one thing: sniffing out explosives.

Typical explosive-detecting K9s are trained to sniff out stationary explosives, like a bomb left in a bag inside a venue. But Gunnar and his handler, Officer Phil Selgren, are often weaving through the crowd so Gunnar can sniff the vapor coming off each person in the crowd, searching for the scent of explosives.

Fort Collins police got Gunnar in 2018 from the Vapor Detection Public Safety Canine Program, a patented training program that teaches dogs to detect trace odors of body-worn or carry explosives and firearms.

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