Fan-Favorite Marvel Movie Rising Through Netflix Ranks

The start of the month saw Netflix add quite a few movies to its roster, bringing on several fan-favorite titles to reinvigorate its options. Just one look at the Top 10 Movies list on the service just how much subscribers are enjoying the new additions. Most titles on Sunday’s edition of the list arrived on the streamer this past weekend, including one Marvel movie that has been rising through the Netflix ranks.

Friday, April 1st saw Netflix add all three films in the Wesley Snipes Blade trilogy. While the first two movies in the series are the most acclaimed of the bunch, the star power of Blade: Trinity is catching the eyes of Netflix subscribers.

Blade: Trinity sees Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel joining Snipes in the vampire hunting franchise. Despite receiving lackluster reviews when it was released, Trinity is proving the most popular Blade entry on Netflix so far. Sunday’s list shows Blade: Trinity all the way up to the fourth position.

You can check out a full rundown of Sunday’s Netflix Top 10 movies list below!

1. The Blind Side

“A teen without a home finds success on and off the football field after he’s taken in by a determined mom and her affluent family. Based on a true story.”


2. Shrek Forever After

(Photo: DreamWorks)

“Shrek’s world gets turned upside down after he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. Can Donkey, Fiona, and Puss in Boots help him make things right?”


3. The Bubble

(Photo: NETFLIX)

“Loaded with big stars and surprise cameos, this showbiz comedy follows the hookups, mishaps and messy shenanigans inside a film shoot’s pandemic bubble.”


4. Blade: Trinity

(Photo: Marvel)

“As the war between vampires and humans rages on, Blade must evade the FBI and join forces with a band of rogue hunters to face his most powerful foe yet.”


5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

“Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson return for another daring adventure to thwart a criminal mastermind’s deadly plot with the help of a mysterious woman.”


6. The Adam Project

(Photo: Netflix)

“Twelve-year-old Adam gets bullied – but grown-up Adam is a butt-kicking fighter pilot. And thanks to time travel, the two Adams are teaming up.”


7. Argo

“A CIA agent poses as the producer of a sci-fi film as part of an outrageously daring mission to rescue six American diplomats from Iran.”


8. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

“This 2022 crime documentary directed by Luke Sewell is about the death of Gerald Cotton, a cryptocurrency exchange CEO.”


9. Blade Runner 2049

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

“He’s on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth from the only cop who remembers what the truth is.”


10. The Rental

“The hotshot. The burnout. The rising star. The spouse. This seaside rental sounds like the ideal getaway, till it turns into their worst nightmare.”



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