English Dub Review: Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout “A Guy Who Reincarnated as a Fantasy Knockout and a Dark Swordsman”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Continuing on their adventure, Tachibana and Jinguji arrive in a large town with a market and rows of buildings. But Tachibana’s “Unparalleled Beauty” charms men, one after another, leading Jinguji to resort to purchasing a certain item. At the same time, a dark swordsman reacts to seeing Jinguji wearing a suit, and challenges Jinguji to a fight. Then Tachibana and Jinguji learn that the swordsman is actually their fellow countryman…?!

Our Take:

The episode continues our journey to defeat the mysterious Demon Lord. Unfortunately for the two pals, Tachibana’s ability remains a huge pain as it keeps charming unsuspecting men everywhere they go. As a result, Jinguji will have to cover Tachibana’s gorgeous face with a paper bag to avoid getting sidetracked. They eventually got a magical hair ornament for Tachibana to divert people’s attention from her charming looks. It doesn’t help as much as the paper bag, but anything’s better than nothing.

But of course, that’s not the only problem they should worry about, as a new player arrives to join the RPG adventure. That player is a swordsman named Schwartz von Liechtenstein Lohengramm. Try saying that five times fast. Schwartz is also another person who’s summoned from Earth by a Goddess to be the hero of the isekai world. He even got the Goddess’s tattoo on his hand to prove it. Schwartz attempts to challenge Jinguji to a duel for Tachibana’s heart but is interrupted by the policewoman Lucius, who arrests him for property damage. Luckily, thanks to the lord Mercus, Schwartz is given a chance to prove himself, as he’s given the task of stopping a living suit of armor from stealing people’s items.

Schwartz is a type of character who pretends to be cool and serious but is actually a whiny and agitated person who keeps getting himself in trouble. He even uses his sword Gram to slice a building in half even though this is his first time using it. That’s how I would describe Schwartz based on his debut in the show. His personality in the later episodes would either make or break the series depending on his humor, but until then, I would say he’s humorous enough to match Tachibana and Jinguji’s chemistry.

Along with Schwartz, the fourth episode of Life with an Ordinary Guy continues to benefit from its humor, including Tachibana’s failed attempt to charm Jinguji into buying her a sword. Although, the moment with Schwartz questioning whether the two are a couple or a father/daughter duo was a bit awkward. But I should’ve known better since its humor rides on awkwardness and meta-jokes involving video game tropes. Other than that, it’s another fun episode that introduces us to a new member joining the unusual party.

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