Elden Ring Facing Issues With Steam Cloud Save Feature

Making progress in Elden Ring is hard as it is. So imagine booting the game up one day and finding out that your progress has been overwritten by an older save and all your maidens are missing. That’s exactly what Bandai Namco is hoping to avoid – the company has released a statement warning players of a possible issue with regard to data not being saved properly on Steam Cloud.

“We are currently aware of an issue in the PC version of Elden Ring, where save data is not being saved correctly to the Steam Cloud under certain conditions,” warned Bandai Namco via a notice on its website. “If this happens, you will see an error message at game launch, stating that your local save files conflict with the ones stored in the Steam Cloud.”


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Should this error message pop up for you, make sure you check whether your most recent save data is stored on the ‘Local Files’ or on the ‘Cloud Files’ by looking at the ‘Last modified’ segment below each of them. Whichever one has the latest date and time should ideally be your most recent save – click the prompt next to it.

via Steam and Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has also recommended that you take the additional step of backing up your local save files elsewhere, in case you overwrite your progress by accidentally choosing the wrong option.

Elden Ring is enjoying the best possible launch it could have hoped for. As it currently stands, it is sixth on Steam’s list of all-time peak concurrent players, right below Cyberpunk 2077, and above New World. It received a perfect score from almost every major publication, including us at TheGamer.

In her review, our Lead Features Editor, Jade King said, “Elden Ring is a masterpiece. It can be easy to slip into hyperbole when critiquing a game of this prestige, one that has been marred by anticipation for so long that we all expected it to be good, or to usher in a new era of gaming majesty like we’ve never seen before. Despite all of these expectations, it manages to accomplish a feat none thought possible.

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