Don’t Worry Darling Drama Explained From Feud Rumors To Fired Star

For a film called Don’t Worry Darling, the behind-the-scenes drama sure has a lot of people worried and for good reason. If you’re confused about why the Olivia Wilde directed movie starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh has caused so much controversy, here’s a timeline of events to get you clued up.

Brace yourselves, mates.

Shit’s about to get wild (or should that be wilde?).

Shia LeBouf quits the film

The film has had some bizarre casting changes from the very beginning.

At first, Olivia Wilde was supposed to play lead gal Alice’s (Florence Pugh) bestie Bunny, but then Wilde went “nah, fuck it” and decided to direct the film instead.

Shia LeBouf was then cast as Jack (which later went to Harry Styles) and things were tumultuous from the get-go.

In August 2020, LaBeouf quit the film, citing “scheduling conflicts” as the reason, although we’ll later find out that other forces were at play.

Oh, we should also mention that Dakota Johnson was cast in a role at one point before departing for unknown reasons.

messy, messy, messy.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ relationship kicks off

In mid-November, Olivia Wilde announced her split from Jason Sudeikiswith a source telling Entertainment Tonight “they just fell out of love in a romantic way, but still have love towards one another as people.”

Another source insisted that “there was absolutely no drama or scandal, they just didn’t work as a couple anymore. If you’re looking for a juicy story, there just isn’t one.”

Although we would later learn that was absolutely not the case.

By January 2021, word got out that she and Harry had supposedly formed an on-set romance.

Pics surfaced of the pair holding hands while attending a friend’s wedding together.

“They were in Montecito, California this weekend for a wedding,” a source told People at the time.

“They were affectionate around their friends, held hands and looked very happy. They have dated for a few weeks.”

Meanwhile a source told Entertainment Tonight that the pair got to know each other on the set of Don’t Worry, Darling and fell in love.

“Olivia and Harry are together for long days on set and have gotten to know each other really well, so it’s all very organic,” the source revealed.

“[Olivia] wouldn’t let a romantic relationship get in the way of a professional one, so anything they’re doing is being done thoughtfully.”

Jason Sudekis isn’t pleased about Olivia Wilde dating Harry Styles

Conflicting reports began surfacing regarding Sudekis’ feelings towards his ex’s highly publicized new relationship.

“Olivia and Jason talk all the time and are still close because of the kids. It’s highly unlikely he was blind-sided by this news,” one source told ET.

While another source told People that Sudekis was “absolutely heartbroken about the split. There is still a lot of love there, and he would like to have hope that maybe there’s a way for them to repair things. But what happens next remains to be seen.”

People begin to speculate that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are in a fake relationship

Shortly after, rumours began to circulate that the timing of Wilde and Styles’ relationship is a ruse to drum up publicity for the film, which was already off to a rocky start.

To combat this, a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Wilde and Styles’ romance is legit (sure, Jan).

“[The wedding photos were] absolutely not leaked or staged for some sort of promotional reason,” a source told the site, insisting that they were taken and shared without the couple’s knowledge.

Jason Sudekis has Olivia Wilde served with legal papers while on-stage at CinemaCon

I know you’re probably thinking this particular incident has nothing to do with the film, but it certainly adds to the growing tensions around the key players here.

While giving a talk on stage at CinemaCon, Wilde was served with legal papers from her now-ex Jason Sudekis.

Olivia Wilde holding the legal letters on stage at CinemaCon. (Credit: Getty)

Wilde later slammed Sudekis in her Variety interview, accusing him of trying to “sabotage” her big moment.

“There’s a reason I left that relationship,” she told the mag.

This indicated that things weren’t as fine and dandy between the pair as they initially had us believe.

Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde feud rumours circulate

When the Don’t Worry Darling trailer dropped earlier this year, fans noticed that Florence Pugh was the only cast member who didn’t crow about it on social media. Which led folks to assume that she mustn’t be pleased with production.

Then in July of this year, Page Six published rumours alleging that Pugh was pissed about Wilde and Styles’ relationship.

“I can tell you for a fact that Flo seeing Olivia and Harry all over each other on set did not go down well,” a source said.

From Leaked Emails To Stars Refusing To Do Press, Here's The BTS Tea On Don't Worry, Darling

Styles and Pugh in the Don’t Worry Darling trailer. (Credit: Don’t Worry Darling)

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles pay gap rumours

It was later rumoured that Styles was being paid three times more for the film than Pugh, who is more of an established actress.

Showbiz Galore shared a report alleging Pugh was paid AUD$1 million for the film, while Styles earned a ‘yuge $3.6 million.

Wilde later shot down these rumors in her Variety.

“The absurdity of invented clickbait and subsequent reaction regarding a nonexistent pay disparity between our lead and supporting actors really upset me,” she said.

“I’m a woman who has been in this business for over 20 years, and it’s something that I have fought for myself and others, especially being a director. There is absolutely no validity to those claims.”

Olivia Wilde’s bonkers Variety interview

And now we’ve reached the Variety interview, when shit really hit the fan.

During the interview for the magazine in which Wilde graced the cover, she attempted to quash all the controversy surrounding the film but instead fanned the flames like crazy fkn.

Perhaps the most chaotic moment was when she alleged that Shia LeBouf had been fired from the film early on due to a blow up between him and Pugh.

“I say this as someone who is such an admirer of his work: his process was not conducive to the ethos that I demand in my productions,” Wilde told the outlet.

“He has a process that, in some ways, seems to require a combative energy, and I don’t personally believe that is conducive to the best performances.”

Shia LeBouf leaks emails and a video refuting Oliva Wilde’s claims

A pissed off Shia LeBouf hit back at Wilde’s claims that he was fired from the film and instead insisted that he left of his own accord.

The disgraced actor emailed Variety screenshots of texts that Wilde allegedly sent him in August 2020 after he told her he wanted to quit.

“Doesn’t feel good to say no to someone, and I respect your honesty,” Wilde allegedly wrote in one text.

“I’m gutted because it could have been something special.”

LaBeouf claimed that he “officially” quit the day after he received that message, which was reportedly sent on August 16.

He also shared a video which did the rounds on social media, showing Wilde continuing to beg him to return to production after his fight with Pugh.

In the video, she even calls out Pugh, saying their fight should be a “wake-up call” to her.

In his email to VarietyLeBouf said Wilde made it “harder” for him to “crawl out of the hole” he dug from his previous claims of abuse against his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs.

“This situation with your film and my ‘firing’ will never have a court date with which to deal with the facts. If lies are repeated enough in the public they become truth,” he wrote.

“Firing me never took place, Olivia,” LaBeouf continued. “And while I fully understand the attractiveness of pushing that story because of the current social landscape, the social currency that brings. It is not the truth.”

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles allegedly back out of promo ops for Don’t Worry Darling

And the most recent spot of tea we’ve copped via Deuxmoi is that following all this scandal, both Florence Pugh and Harry Styles have refused to partake in interview ops and appearances to promote the film.

Another insider told The Wrap that the only promo Pugh will partake in is her attendance at the film’s Venice Film Festival premiere.

We have yet to see either lead star contribute to any public promo. It’s just been Olivia which is… odd.

Meanwhile Don’t Worry Darlingthe most worrisome flick of 2022, will hit cinemas on October 6. And may God have mercy on us all.


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