Diablo 2 Update Fixes Life-Ruining Bugs Over Two Decades Old

New Diablo 2 update fixed life-ruining bugs from over two decades ago, while simultaneously adding new class content and Horadric Cube Recipes.

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Blizzard Entertainment announced a new Diablo 2: Resurrected update that fixes life-ruining bugs that are over two decades old. Blizzard’s loot-based action RPG initially launched in the early 2000s but was recently remade with updated visuals and quality-of-life changes. Reviewers have suggested that Diablo 2: Resurrected holds up twenty years later, as long as players take the time to learn the game’s deep-rooted mechanics. While item durability, limited inventory space, and relatively uninteresting NPC companions have been panned as dated concepts, the game ultimately received positive reviews. That said, Diablo 2‘s long history didn’t leave it void of bugs, a problem its developers are finally solving.


3D graphics, updated audio effects, a shared stash, and cross-progression are some of the modern enhancements Diablo 2: Resurrected garnered in its latest release. Despite its modern features, the remake didn’t get a complete overhaul, with many of the game’s original bugs still present. The last update for Diablo 2, Patch 1.13, was implemented in early 2010, which did fix some major and minor bugs such as a known dupe mechanic. The update brought new features to the game but was the last patch for over a decade. In December 2021, Blizzard announced Diablo 2‘s first major update in twelve years, claiming it would balance out the game’s original character classes while simultaneously introducing the First Ladder Season.

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Blizzard Entertainment released the Update 2.4 Patch Notes for Diablo 2: Resurrected (via Polygon) that fixes life-ruining bugs from the original over two decades old. While there were a plethora of changes introduced in Patch 2.4, among the most notable was a fix for a bug that completely drained a player’s mana, effectively leaving certain classes defenseless. Another major bug, in which fire enchanted monsters were doing too much damage in Nightmare difficulty, was squashed. Blizzard posted the lengthy patch notes, which included multiple sections. Beyond bug fixes, the Diablo 2: Resurrected update included the implementation of the first significant gameplay changes in over a decade, which promote new strategies. Some of the gameplay changes introduced include updates for each class, new Rune Words, more Horadric Cube Recipes, and Mercenary reworks.

Diablo 2 update fixes bugs from two decades ago, adds new class content and balance fixes.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Update 2.4 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where unique monster packs with mana drain were draining way more mana than was intended
  • Fixed an issue where fire enchanted monsters were doing too much damage in Nightmare difficulty

The rest of Diablo 2: Resurrected‘s patch notes can be found here.

Diablo 2‘s new update is part of the developer’s mission to address the bugs still riddling the two-decade-old game. As with any game code, there were miscalculations that caused significant issues, such as the mana-draining bug. The one thing the developers made clear is that while the intention is to squash the bugs negatively affecting gameplay, the team doesn’t want to completely rid the game of quirks that have become integral to Diablo 2‘s meta. Patch 2.4 is significant in many ways, especially in its changes to the click-and-kill’s seven classes. Attack animations, combat skills, and class-specific tooltips are just a part of the update, giving Diablo 2: Resurrected a more modern appeal.

For a game over two decades old, Diablo 2‘s new update is a good sign of its longevity. The developers seem motivated to continue to bring the classic loot-and-kill game to the modern era, squashing twenty-year-old bugs while simultaneously adding new content, like the Horadric Cube recipes and new “Legacy” graphics emulation.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment (via Polygon)

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