Destiny 2 Director Promises Fixes To Troubled Weapon Crafting In Future Patch

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been out for one week, and it’s been a mostly smooth ride. The servers were largely over stable with relatively small wait times the first few days, and although there are bugs, there hasn’t been anything that’s been completely game-breaking (but there are a few that might be a problem for Saturday’s raid– more on them later).

However, there are a few common complaints with Witch Queen. Easily the biggest is weapon crafting, a new system that Bungie promised would allow players to create their own perfect weapon without needing to rely on the fickle nature of RNG. Well, that’s turned out to be not entirely true.


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In order for players to unlock weapons to craft, first they must find enough of them that they acquire that weapon’s blueprints. That involves heading to a new activity called The Wellspring in order to grind out those weapons. However, the drop rates for these weapons are so low that players aren’t really finding weapon crafting any easier or satisfying than wishing and praying for the RNG gods’ favor.

Combined with the exorbitant material costs required for weapon crafting, few players are recommending it as an alternative to Destiny 2’s typical weapons grind. Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn recently took to Twitter to acknowledge these complaints and promise that fixes are coming in future patches.

“We’re still monitoring the time commitment for unlocking and upgrading crafted weapons, but the drop rates and unlock requirements for the Wellspring Throne World weapons are currently going to gate off too many players from being able to earn their exotic glaives,” wrote Blackburn. “In a patch targeting next week, we will be increasing the drop chances for weapons in Wellspring, and adding bad luck protection for both getting a standard drop and getting a Deepsight resonate version of a weapon.”

Additionally, Ascendant Alloy drop rates will be both buffed and made more predictable in Thursday’s patch. This will mean higher-level activities and completion levels (in terms of Gold, Silver, and Platinum) will improve your odds of receiving an Ascendant Alloy.

Blackburn also noted two issues that are likely to become a problem for Witch Queen’s first raid on Saturday. One of them revolves around the Suppressing Glaive mod and some of the new Hunter abilities in Void 3.0, which when combined can create permanent invisibility. The other is several weapons that accidentally received the Exotic primary buff despite being Legendary weapons. Expect both issues to be addressed before Saturday, although Blackburn didn’t say how.

Witch Queen’s first raid is coming on Saturday, March 5, so be sure to have your raid team ready for then.

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