Cutest Janine And Gregory “Abbott Elementary” Moments

Abbott Elementary fans will know that one of the most attention-grabbing parts of the series is the dynamic between characters Janine and Gregory, who are played by Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams.

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There’s undeniably been some ongoing flirty energy between the two teachers. But, similar to a Pam and Jim Office dynamic, Janine has been in a long-term relationship that’s prevented their love from blossoming … so far.

In addition, Gregory has started to date Taylor, the daughter of a fellow teacher, Barbara.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

However, Janine broke up with her boyfriend, Tariq, in the Season 1 finale, and a second season of Abbott Elementary has been confirmed. This begs the question, “Where will their love story go in the future?”

While we wait for the stars to align so ~Granine~ can become official, here are 23 moments that have made us all root for their potential relationship.


When they met under kind of gross circumstances, but Gregory was still left with a positive impression of Janine.

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One of Janine’s student vomits during class, so she brings her to the bathroom to clean up. Here, she finds Gregory helping a student who accidentally wet his pants. To avoid getting vomit and urine on each other, Janine and Gregory can’t even properly shake hands when they first meet. Interesting, Gregory’s mood is visibly boosted from seeing Janine.


When Gregory expressed his admiration toward Janine’s passion for her work.

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When Janine secured some new rugs for Abbott Elementary students, Gregory was vocal about how he loved her enthusiasm.

And he gave her this look:


When Janine told Gregory she hoped his stay at Abbott Elementary would continue.

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Sure, just “for the kids.”


When Gregory couldn’t help but admire Janine from afar.

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Even when he sees her just doing mundane classroom cleaning, Gregory is very drawn to Janine.


When Gregory swooped in to assist Janine with stepping down from a tall ladder safely.

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They’re pretty much a built-in support system for each other from the get-go.


When Janine overworked herself and Gregory’s worry was visible.

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Gregory’s caring side is always apparent around January.


When Gregory had his eyes set on what he wants.

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Gregory wasn’t even subtle with this one – when the topic of what he wants came up, he immediately looked for Janine.


When they could joke around together too.


When Gregory offered a helping hand.

Which got this reaction from Janine:


When Janine woke Gregory up to the impact he has on his students.

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Gregory doesn’t think of it as a big deal when many of his students draw pictures of him, but Janine lets him know how much the kids love being taught by him.


And when Gregory used the drawings his students made to decorate his classroom after Janine encouraged him.

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Gregory wasn’t showing much interest in sprucing up the classroom before his talk with Janine. After they chat, however, he decides to display the photos his students drew for him on his classroom walls. Janine’s support inspires him, which is one reason they go so well together.


When the idea of ​​hanging out with Gregory after school lit Janine up.

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Janine had plans to go to Ikea with Tariq, so this meetup never happened. But her excitement in thinking about studying the school’s new reading program with Gregory was clear and really sweet.


When Gregory discounted a poor teaching review Janine received online.


When Gregory explained to Janine there are many ways to be intelligent.

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Janine is an advocate of implementing a gifted program at Abbott. Gregory states that, Janine, he wasn’t in the gifted program at school, so he stopped putting in unlike effort as a student. Their discussion leads to the gifted program expanding to include all students and highlight their individual gifts.

Moments like this one prove that a relationship between the two would result in both parties learning and growing together.


When Janine told Gregory how gifted he is.


When Janine ran out of school on a rainy day after fellow teachers were making fun of her, and Gregory chased after her with an umbrella.

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Other teachers were cracking jokes when they learned that Janine and Tariq have been dating since the eighth grade, and Janine has never dated another man besides him.

Instead of joining in on the jokes, Gregory shows loyalty and care for Janine when he follows her into the rain.


And he spoke wise words to her about doing what’s best for yourself.

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This is some great advice from Gregory during a tough moment for Janine. If these two were a couple, they would be there to help each other through thick and thin.


When Gregory asked Janine the million-dollar question.

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Tariq? Not the one to make Janine happy. But Gregory? An endless source of joy.


When Gregory, a person who does not care for pizza at all, changed his tune for Janine.

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The things he does for love …


When Gregory admitted to helping Ava because Janine asked him to do it.

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Gregory coached Abbott’s principal, Ava, before her presentation for their superintendent. How could he say no when Janine was the one who made this request?


When Janine was stoked about Gregory becoming a full-time teacher at Abbott Elementary.

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Janine was so happy here, she was nearly at a loss for words!


And it led to this exchange of longing stars between them.

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The chemistry between these two is unreal.


And, lastly, when Gregory’s decision to stay at Abbott was made easy because of Janine.

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And one very special person in particular.

Season 2, we’re ready for you– please let this romance materialize!

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