Cutest Heartstopper Moments

Some of these scenes low-key really did stop my heart.

If you haven’t watched Heartstopper yet, kindly exit this tab and go watch all eight episodes. If you HAVE seen it, then you already know that it’s the best, sweetest, most perfect show in the entire existence of human history.

The entire show is just made up of back-to-back perfect moments — so let’s take a look back at some of the ones that were actual real heart-stoppers.


First of all, when Nick turned Charlie’s pen mistake into a smiley, kinda foreshadowing everything else that comes in their story.


When Nick walked off the rugby pitch to take Charlie’s hand IN FRONT OF THE! WHOLE! SCHOOL!!!!!!


Nick’s coming-out scene with his mom, who gave the best possible response — parents, take note.


Literally the entire beach scene, honestly, but mainly just how happy they both were to call each other their boyfriends.


When Tao and Elle ditched sports day to hang out in the art room, and we could feel the butterflies through the screen.


The rainbow-tinted dance floor at the homophobe’s birthday party…with Chvrches playing in the background.


And then the moment when Darcy and Tara kissed in public for the first time. Eeeeeeeee.


Nick and Charlie’s cute fight about his terrible taste in milkshake flavors.


When Charlie messaged Nick to thank him for standing up to Ben, and this was Nick’s face:


When Nick and Charlie took the cutest fucking selfie of all time, which I’m considering printing off and putting on my fridge.


Then when Nick printed out this photo of the three of them on the snow day. I did not know that teenagers still printed photos, but it sure made my heart stop.


When Nick ran through the rain to make sure Charlie knew how he felt.


AND THEN when Nick chased after Charlie in the rain to give him a kiss.


Tao’s “landscape” painting, which was just the four of them hanging out… My poor heart.


When they did this cute lil’ wave across the orchestra room, and I just wanted to scoop them up and protect them forever.


When Nick accidentally called Charlie ‘Char’ and then got all cute and bashful about it.


The kissing scene in the hallway, mainly because of Nick saying, “My life is way better because I met you.”


Charlie teaching Nick how to play drums the first time they hung out in his room.


The first time Nick hugged Charlie…and then Charlie’s immediate follow-up text with his friends.


When Tao and Elle shared earphones — and this cute-ass look.


The photobooth photos!!!!!


When all Charlie wanted was a boyfriend who liked being with him… Then, a few episodes later, that’s exactly what Nick says.


When Nick peeked at Charlie in the cinema with the cutest golden retriever face. And the little HAND HOLDING, OMG.


When Nick surprised Charlie with a trip to the beach, and he was so excited.


And finally… “Would you go out with someone who wasn’t a girl?” … “Would you kiss someone who wasn’t a girl?” … “Would you kiss me?” AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

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