Comedian canceled after ‘getting his penis out on stage’ during Edinburgh Fringe Festival

He also reported to have used a racial slur when describing Rishi Sunak

Comedian Jerry Sadowitz has had his second show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival canceled after getting his penis out on stage and is said to have made multiple “indefensible” comments during his set.

Taking to Twitter to inform his followers that the second scheduled date at The Pleasance Courtyard had been axed, Sadowitz said he “didn’t see any walkouts” at the first show and apologised to those due to watch his follow-up at the iconic three -week comedy and culture festival.

According to the Scottish Sunthe 60-year-old comedian exposed himself on Saturday, August 12, taking out his penis in front of a woman sitting on the front row as part of his performance entitled Not for Anyone.

As the stand-up title would suggest, the American-born Scottish comic is known for incorporating magic into his routine, as well as his black comedy/dark sense of humour, with the audience being alert prior that the set would contain “language and themes some may find distressing.” It’s still unclear what the exact nature of the joke was and how his private parts were involved.

Speaking to the outlet, one witness said: “He got his penis out to a woman in the front row. The problem was not the audience – I knew he was an acquired taste. It was his indefensible content.”

They also went on to claim that the stand-up used a racial slur when describing chancellor and PM hopeful Rishi Sunak, remarking: “I was at the show. He called Rishi Sunak a ‘p***’ [and] said the economy was awful because it is run by ‘blacks and women’.’

Reacting on social media, fellow comedian Al Murray said he was sorry to hear that Sadowitz’s second night had been dropped, adding in an exchange with another user that “Neither you nor I know the joke and the line’s context. He also referenced another controversy surrounding. Frankie Boyle as an example, who recently caught flack for a joke about “killing” Holly Willoughby.

Omid Djalili also commented on the story, quipping that was “unable to sleep” after hearing the news as he was “lightheaded with laughter”.

Issuing a statement explaining the decision, the comedy venue said that while they believe in freedom of speech, they judged his first show as unacceptable.

“The Pleasance is a venue that champions freedom of speech and we do not censor comedians’ material. “While we acknowledge that Jerry Sadowitz has often been controversial, the material presented at his first show is not acceptable and does not align with our values.

“This type of material has no place on the festival and the Pleasance will not be presenting its second and final show.”

Beyond the post included above, Sadowitz is yet to comment on his set or the backlash it has received.

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