Classic Albums Live plays note for note

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The warmer weather heralds the arrival of a very special species of musical bird: Classic Albums Live.

This celebration of great vinyl, a well-anticipated series of performances at the King Center, continues to draw audiences for its musical integrity and no-nonsense approach.

“It has truly become a staple event series for classic rock-n-roll fans here on the Space Coast,” said Chad Ballard, director of sales and marketing at the King Center.

Classic Albums Live founder Craig Martin.

Founded in 2003 by Craig Martin, Classic Albums Live takes the greatest albums and recreates them live on stage, note for note, cut for cut, using the best touring musicians in the nation.

“Think of it as a recital,” Martin said. “These albums are historic and stand the test of time.”

Forgoing costumes and impersonations, Classic Albums Live has gathered a loyal fan base by simply concentrating on good music.

“We don’t dress up or wear any sort of costume,” explained Martin.

“All of our energy is put into the music. These albums are sacred to people. We want the performance to sound exactly like the album.”

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