Cinedigm Bowing Two Restored ‘Tarzan’ Movies and 1935 Serial on Blu-ray Disc & DVD Aug. 23 – Media Play News

“The New Adventures of Tarzan”

Erik Gruenwedel

Cinedigm Aug. 1 announced that The Film Detective, the home entertainment distributor’s classic film restoration and streaming company, will release The Tarzan Vault Collectionfeaturing Tarzan of the Apes (1918), The Adventures of Tarzan (1921), and “The New Adventures of Tarzan II” (the complete version of the 1935 film serial) on special-edition Blu-ray Disc and DVD Aug. 23.

Since the days of the silent screen, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes, with Elmo Lincoln in the title role, introduced the character to movie audiences and told the traditional tale of how the orphaned heir to the Greystoke fortune became lord of the jungle. Lincoln was so impressive in the role that he returned three years later in Adventures of Tarzanthis time to rescue his beloved Jane from the clutches of the evil Queen La.

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By 1935, the public was still fascinated by the nobleman who apes had raised, now played by 1928 shotput Olympic champion Herman Brix (aka Bruce Bennet) in The New Adventures of TarzanBrix reportedly needed all of his muscle to portray Tarzan in this tale of missing jewels and explosives powerful enough to destroy the world.

Full-color booklet insert bonus features includes three original essays by authors Don Stradley and Jennifer Churchill; original featurette, Drawn to the Jungle: The Early History of Tarzan in Comics, by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures; full-length commentary track for The Adventures of Tarzan and The New Adventures of Tarzan II by award-winning journalist/historian, Ed Hulse; original feature production, Swinging into Action: The Early Adventures of Tarzan on Film by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures; and Law of the Jungle: The Cinematic Adventures of Herman Brixa preserved interview with the film star, aka Bruce Bennett.

The Tarzan Vault Collection will be available on Blu-ray ($38.95) and DVD ($24.95) August 23. Fans can reserve a copy now by pre-ordering at:

The Film Detective (TFD) is Cinedigm’s one-stop shop for classic film and television, showcasing remastered prints and distributing to Turner Classics Movies, NBC, Epix, Pluto TV, Amazon, and PBS among others. Available as a branded app on the Web, Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, TFD’s 3,000+ hours of westerns, horror, film noirs, pre-codes and cult classics are also available live with a 24/7 linear channel through Sling TV, STIRR, Plex, Local Now, Rakuten TV and DistroTV.

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