Carolina Beach and Kure Beach go ‘Along for the Ride’ in Netflix film

Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are ready for their close-ups.

“Along for the Ride,” a teen romance that shot in the Wilmington area last year, debuts on the Netflix streaming service Friday, May 6, after being pushed back from its original April 22 air date.

Literally dozens of other movies and TV shows have been shot over the decades in and around Pleasure Island, where Carolina and Kure beaches are located, notably portions of the long-running series “One Tree Hill” and “Dawson’s Creek.”

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But a few, if any, shows or movies — other than perhaps the little-seen 2005 indie “Loggerheads,” which was set seemingly in Kure Beach — have featured the area as released prominently as the mass market “Along for the Ride” ready to.

Belmont Cameli and Emma Pasarow star as Auden and Eli in

Netflix appears to be promoting “Along for the Ride” heavily, and it could wind up as the most-watched movie on the service after it debuts. (Schuylar Croom, lead singer for Wilmington-based hard rock band He Is Legend, tweeted out a billboard advertising “Along for the Ride” from Hollywood’s Sunset Strip when his band was on tour in early April.)

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