Breeders Season 3 Returns on FX Next Month

FX announced today that the third season of Breeders will premiere next month. Starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggardthe British dark comedy series explores the challenges of parenthood.

Co-created by Freeman, Chris Addisonand showrunner Simon Blackwell, Breeders offers a painfully honest look at parenthood as Paul (Freeman) and Ally (Haggard) try to juggle their careers responsibilities towards their children, and their own aging parents. The first two seasons of the show were highly praised for how it could land A-grade jokes while being transparent about how parents love their children unconditionally but, at the same time, can feel like their kids are occasionally ruining their lives.


Season 3 should continue the trend, as Season 2’s finale had Paul’s teenage son (Alex Eastwood) punching his father in the face. The aggression left a mark, and now the whole family will have to deal with the incident’s aftermath. At the same time, Ally is also suffering because of her daughter, Ava (Eve Prenelle), who grows apart from her mother as time goes by. The series has been doing an excellent job showing the challenges parents have to face in different moments of their children’s development. Now that we are entirely into the teenage wasteland, things are bound to get even more heated.

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Breeders is partly inspired by the creators’ own experience as parents and how they reflect on their past mistakes. Talking with Collider about writing for the show, Freeman even described the creative process as some sort of “exorcism” where he expels his failures from his mind. In Freeman’s words:

“There are always things where you look at yourself and go, ‘I could have definitely done that better, as a parent.’ I think that quite a lot. And so, some of those things are in the show, and the reason it’s in the show is because it’s something that we failed at. In the development of it, we weren’t thinking, ‘Let’s put in the bits where we did really well.’ It’s all bits where we failed or did wrong. And so, by the very virtue that it’s in the show, that’s something we can learn from because we probably fucked up.”

The first two episodes of Breeders premiere on Monday, May 9 at 10 pm ET/PT on FX, debuting the next day on Hulu. After that, the remaining episodes of the 10-episode season will premiere weekly.

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 3 of Breeders:

Breeders continues its bitter-sweet look at the struggles of modern parenthood. Season 3 starts days after Season 2 ended, as the Worsley family reels from teenaged Luke (Alex Eastwood) punching his dad, Paul (Martin Freeman). Paul’s moved out and is staying at his mother-in-law Leah’s (Stella Gonet) house. He should be lonely but actually the simpler life has its appeal. Eventually, though, amends with Luke must be made. Ally (Daisy Haggard) has her own problems – with work, with her early menopause and meanwhile with her strained relationship with her newly adolescent daughter, Ava (Eve Prenelle). Gallows humor and large glasses of wine only go so far in quelling the angst…

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