Best IPTV Player for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV of 2022

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About the Best IPTV Player for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

IPTV apps and players have been in high demand and all the credit goes to their ability to offer video on demand, live TV, interactive television (ITV), video games, etc. To control IPTV in simple words, it is a dedicated platform that can help you deliver TV content over IP network. With it, you can stream the source media at any time. Without a doubt, it has become a good and safe way to watch videos and entertaining programs over the Internet. Internet protocol television application or IPTV applications are becoming more and more popular in every home nowadays. IPTV is a secure and reliable option that offers subscribers video and the same services, including video on demand, live TV, video games and interactive television (ITV).

To watch content through IPTV, you need to install an IPTV application on your Smart TV. Also, once you launch this IPTV app, there is no going back. they are actually addictive. IPTV allows you to stream video URLs and other related amenities such as LIVE TV, Video on Demand, Interactive TV (ITV) and more TV content. However you want to watch it, you need the best IPTV Player for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Check the list of the best IPTV players for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV


The GSE Smart IPTV app also supports Chromecast, which is a welcome inclusion. The ability to instantly stream your shows to your big screen is such a simple and convenient feature that really helps make the overall use of this app feel seamless.

GSE Smart IPTV app also supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide), so you can have a very useful TV guide to see the upcoming schedules of your favorite shows. An EPG is arguably the most convenient feature to have in an IPTV app, which is why GSE Smart IPTV looks good so far.


iPlayTV is one of the best apps you can use to watch IPTV on Apple TV (4th generation), the design is intuitive and it looks great. The only drawback that has been encountered so far is the lag that occurs when quickly scrolling down the TV Guide. It has a beautiful design for TV shows and movies.

The app allows you to view live channel playlists and organize content in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. The player allows you to create a playlist of your favorite channels that you can watch anytime, anywhere. If you have a third-party IPTV M3U playlist that you downloaded from the Internet, you can upload it to iPlayTV and watch media without any problem.

IPTV cloud streaming

Cloud Stream IPTV app has an in-app store where users can purchase the Pro version and other cool items. Cloud Stream app supports most formats including M3U, DP and many more. With the help of M3U and IPTV app, the player can also add playlist from file system device via clipboard or internet.

Identified as one of the top IPTV apps, Cloud Stream IPTV app supports lists in JSON format with extensions for W3U and WISE. It also grants lists across devices using Mail, Messages, Airdrop, or any other app that the device installs. The app has a robust built-in player that satisfies all restrictions.

World TV SPB

The app is well designed and comes with a relatively easy to use interface. Options are well managed and explained when needed. The controls on video are also touch sensitive and can be operated without affecting video playback. The main screen shows the most popular channel in the app. However, the featured channel changes after a while.

All in all, the main interface is satisfactory and provides a good user experience. The side gives you quick access to featured channels, a full list of channels, videos, and paid subscriptions. The bar also allows a passage to the channel configuration and management option.

Flexible IPTV

Flex is one of those subscription Internet TVs that offer more than 3000 channels and VOD (movies and TV shows) from all over the world. To have an IPTV service on your device, all you need is a good internet connection and an active subscription plan.

Flex IPTV is an IPTV service that hosts more than 3000 live channels in various categories. Their standard package costs less than $18.00/month and includes categories of international channels, sports, PPV, entertainment, news and others. This package comes with one connection, but you can get more during registration if you prefer.

247 IPTV

247 IPTV is developed to provide unlimited streaming experience. All you need to stream 247 IPTV is to have a username and password. Therefore, the end user does not necessarily need to install any additional software. It is an all-in-one service to stream live TV, catch-ups, movies, series, etc.

Live TV covers sports, news, documentaries, drama, and more genres. 247 IPTV has a powerful built-in IPTV player and supports external players like VLC, MX Player, Exo Player, etc. The IPTV has fully automated EPG controls and supports dynamic language switching. The interface of this IPTV is easy to use and has an attractive design.


It is an online streaming media player that allows the user to watch TV shows including live sporting events, movies, music, series, documentaries and many more. Xtream IPTV does not host any type of IPTV subscription, either free or paid version. It cannot work effectively on smartphones or Android TV Box without using an external player like MX player or VLC player as recommended by the app developer.

It requires a good internet connection to work, it depends on the streaming content offered by IPTV providers. Smarter IPTV Pro as a case study also includes the Xtream IPTV login code. However, it does not require any external player on the satellite receiver. Requires valid IPTV subscription in any format.

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