Apple Fitness Plus now helps new mothers get active after childbirth

Apple has rolled out a new series of workouts to help new mothers get back into exercise after giving birth.

The new workout series, called with impressive clarity, “Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby,” is, Apple says, designed to “help new mothers feel stronger and more energetic as they take on the daily demands of parenthood.”

That demand, as most new moms can tell you, includes lifting the baby, carrying the child around in your arms (usually while balancing something else in the other arm), tugging a stroller through sand at the beach (okay, maybe that was just us), and dead-lifting a car seat (with baby!).

Apple Fitness+ pregnancy and the new post-pregnancy workouts (right) (Image credit: Apple)

The workouts focus on core, strength, and Apple’s now trademark Mindful Cooldowns. Like other Fitness+ regimens, these are canned workouts that you can follow on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

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