“Anthony Edwards is taking your job Tom Brady”: NFL and NBA fans go crazy after a viral Tweet of the Timberwolves star catches Bucs QB’s attention

Anthony Edwards is one of the NBA’s brightest stars, but after a video of him throwing a footballl emerged, Tom Brady believes he could be doing something else.

Edwards showed some real improvement in his sophomore year in the NBA. After some flashy performances as a rookie where he highlighted his incredible athletic ability, Edwards found a way to improve on his game.

He improved in basically every stat. His ppg went up from 19.3 to 21.3, his assists totals were up from 2.9 a game to 3.8, and he shot the ball at a much better clip, improving from 48.8% to 52.7% from the field and 32.9% from three to 35.7% .

The Timberwolves also improved on their win total because of Edwards’ improved play. They went from a lottery team in 2020-21, winning only 23 games to making the playoffs and giving the number one seeded Phoenix Suns a real run for their money, taking them to six games.

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Tom Brady calls on Anthony Edwards to join the NFL

Edwards is a great basketball player for sure, but he may have other talents. The Wolves star launched an absolute beauty of a throw, hitting his target perfectly in stride.

Not only did Edwards hit his target perfectly, he also threw the ball really far. It’s surprising to see that kind of a throw coming from Edwards, but it was entertaining to see nevertheless.

Brady jumped all over it immediately. He saw how great Anthony Edwards’ throw looked, and he tried throwing his hat into the ring, calling the young gun to the NFL.

Many fans poked fun at Brady as well, claiming Edward was out for his job.

Others just wanted Brady to stay away from Edwards given how great of a recruiter the NFL legend is.

Some fans even called on Brady to sign Edwards. After all, Brady knows how to throw a football well more than anyone, and so if he’s calling a throw good, Edwards must’ve done something right.

It’s always entertaining to see NFL and NBA athletes cross paths, and this short video gave us another instance of that.

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