Animated Shows to Binge While Waiting for Season 6 of ‘Rick and Morty’

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Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty premiered in 2013 to critical acclaim, and has quickly become one of the highest-rated animated sitcoms of all time. The sci-fi comedy follows the foul-mouthed scientist Rick Sanchez, who lives with his daughter Beth Smith and her family, and takes his 14-year-old grandson Morty on several intergalactic adventures. As the pair wreak havoc and mayhem all over the galaxy and multiverse, they encounter some wacky, interesting supporting characters, before returning home to the rest of the Smith family.

From its animation style, to its writing and humor, Rick and Morty has been a huge success, winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program twice, and spurring a loyal fan base. Five seasons of the hit series have aired, with a sixth to be released on Sept. 4 later this year.

If you’re in search of similar animated sitcoms with some fun and hilarious characters, excellent writing, and often inappropriate jokes, here’s 10 shows to binge before or after the sixth season of Rick and Morty returns.

BoJack Horseman

The hit animated series tells the story of the titular anthropomorphic horse, whose fame peaked in the 90s while starring in the popular sitcom, “Horsin’ Around.” On a mission to regain his fame and wealth, and shed off his has-been image, he enlists a ghostwriter to help him with writing his memoirs. Fans of Rick and Morty will enjoy the timely humor of this animated comedy-drama, as well as the maturer themes. There’s six seasons to binge through, so expect a lot of laughs, tears, and advice from the self-loathing, alcoholic Bojack, and all the interesting characters in his life, who struggle to help him back on his feet.

Solar Opposites

Co-created by Rick and Morty‘s Justin Rowland, this Hulu sitcom has been renewed for a fourth season, so some more hilarious jokes are on the way. Solar Opposites is an alien fantasy sitcom that follows a family of four aliens from the planet Shlorp, who crash land on Earth in an attempt to colonize it. They end up in suburban America and often clash on whether to remain, or to find a new settlement to colonize, all while engaging with the humans around them.

The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. ran for seven seasons, with each one receiving critical acclaim for its writing and humor. The dark comedy is centered around the Venture family— the immoral super-scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his two delinquent sons, and their longtime bodyguard Brock, who embarked on various scientific adventures and clash with their archenemy, the Monarch. A direct-to-video film is currently in the works and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls may have been targeted towards kids and teens, but the mystery adventure is a worthwhile watch for the older folks. When twins Dipper and Mabel Pine arrive at the titular town in Oregon for a summer holiday with their great-uncle Stan, they begin to notice many strange occurrences. Luckily, Dipper finds a mysterious journal in the woods, and the twins begin to understand the town a bit better. It’s a haunting ride of a show, and the brilliant secondary characters make each episode more exciting.

Big Mouth

One of the best animated offerings of the 2010s, Big Mouth has won numerous accolades for its hilarious cartoonal of puberty and adolescence. The Netflix coming-of-age sitcom follows a group of youngsters who are undergoing physical, mental, and emotional changes, and how they deal with it individually and collectively. Voiced by an ensemble cast, Big Mouth features some excellent voice acting and brilliant musical numbers. As they each come to terms with their growing hormones, they interact with some hilarious side characters, human and otherwise. A seventh season is on the way.

Hot Streets

The supernatural crime animated series follows the investigations of FBI agent Mark Branski and his partner Donald French. Joined by Branski’s niece Jen, and her talking dog Chubbie Webbers, the four go against dreadful monsters, alien invasions, government conspiracies, and other forces of evil in a bid to investigate a paranormal phenomenon.


The multiple Annie and Emmy Award winning sitcom followed the life of the lazy Philip Fry, who is cryogenically frozen for a thousand years and awoken in the year 2999. Starting afresh in the new world, he befriends the one-eyed alien Leela, and the foul and brush robot named Bender. The trio work for a delivery company, and journey across planets to complete their tasks, while befriending a host of unique characters along the way. Hulu has also revived the series for a 2023 release, so we’ll be seeing Philip and the rest of the Futurama gang soon.


Disenchantment is a fantasy sitcom that takes place in the fictional, medieval land of Dreamland. The series follows Bean, a carefree yet selfless princess who strips to break the patriarchal constraints placed on her, particularly her upcoming arranged marriage. Along with her new friend Elfo, and her personal demon Luci, Bean embarks on several adventures exploring the entirety of Dreamland, uncovering many mythical conspiracies, and encountering dangerous situations on the way.

Invader Zim

Invader Zim was often a controversial cartoon during its run on Nickelodeon, as parents thought it wasn’t appropriate for kids, which makes it perfect for fans of Rick and Morty. The sitcom follows Zim, an overzealous outcast from Irk, a planet on a mission to conquer the entire universe. Originally a space invader, he is sent to Earth in a secret exile attempt, but Zim is victorious in infiltrating the planet by posing as a child. However, he meets a paranoid young genius named Dib, who is certain that Zim is an extraterrestrial, and seeks to expose him.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

A comedic addition to the beloved Star Trek franchise, Lower Decks Features the low-ranking officers of the USS Cerritos and offers viewers a glimpse into the activities and missions of the junior-grade characters. As they travel the galaxy and establish contact with various aliens, they get into a bunch of intergalactic mayhem.

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