All Three Rowing Teams Experience Success on Weekend

LEONIA, NJ/WORCESTER, Mass./WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, NJ—All three Columbia rowing teams experienced success this weekend in respective competitions on Saturday and Sunday. Highlighting the weekend included a Collins Cup victory by the Heavyweights, a three-race sweep by the Lightweights over Delaware, and the Women’s Rowing team placed four teams out of five in the finals at the Eastern Sprints.

In Heavyweight Rowing, No. 17 Columbia captured the Collins Cup with a 13-second victory over Rutgers in the First Varsity 8 race. The Lions also swept both races as the Columbia Varsity 8 finished in 6:23.0, while the Scarlet Knights finished in second in 6:46.5 and Columbia’s Second Varsity 8 won its race in 6:27.6. Collins Cup results are located at this link.

In Sunday’s Maxwell Stevenson Cup, the Columbia Heavyweights (5:56.4) took second place behind No. 13 Navy (5:53.2) in the Varsity 8 race. The Lions also placed four in the Second Varsity 8, and third in the Third Varsity 8. Maxwell Stevenson Cup results are posted at this link.

In Lightweight Rowing, No. 6 Columbia started off the weekend by sweeping Delaware in all three races. The Varsity 8 team defeated Delaware by nearly seven seconds in registering a 6:11.6 time, the Second Varsity 8 defeated the Blue Hens in 6:26.2, and Columbia’s Third Varsity 8 won in 6:47.3. Results versus Delaware are posted at this link.

In Sunday’s Geiger Cup at Overpeck Park, Columbia’s Lightweights competed against 2 ranked Cornell and Iona. Cornell (5:58.2) defeated Columba’s Varsity 8 team by just two seconds (6:00.07). The Lions’ Second Varsity 8 defeated Cornell by four seconds with a 6:01.6 time, and two Columbia Four teams went 1-2 in the Vars Four race with the Columbia A team finishing in 7:10.6. Complete results are posted at this link.

At Sunday’s Eastern Sprints, Columbia’s women’s rowing squad advanced to the Grand Finals in four of five races. The Lions registered a pair of third place finishes in the Varsity Four B, Varsity Four A, and finished in fourth place out of six in Third Varsity 8. In the Varsity 8 race, Columbia finished in third place out of five competitors in its heat with a 6:42.720 time. Eastern Sprint results are available at this link.

Collins Cup | Leonia, NJ/Overpeck Park | Saturday, April 30, 2022

First Varsity 8: 1st place/2, 6:23.0
Second Varsity 8: Columbia A: 1st place/3, 6:27.6; Columbia B: 2nd place/3, 6:36.1

Maxwell Stevenson Cup | Mercer Lake, NJ | Sunday, May 1, 2022

First Varsity 8: 2nd place/4, 5:56.4
Second Varsity 8: 4th place/5, 6:14.3
Varsity Four: 3rd place/4, 7:03.0

Vs. Delaware | Leonia, NJ/Overpeck Park | Saturday April 30, 2022

First Varsity 8: 1st place/2, 6:11.6
Second Varsity 8: 1st place/2, 6:26.2
Third Varsity 8: Columbia A: 1st place/3, 6:47.3; Columbia 4V: 2nd place, 3, 7:03.1

Geiger Cup | Leonia, NJ/Overpeck Park | Sunday, May 1, 2022

First Varsity 8: 2nd place/2, 6:000.7
Second Varsity 8: 1st place/2, 6:01.6
Varsity Four: Columbia A: 1st place/3, 7:10.6; Columbia B: 2nd place/3, 7:15.5

Eastern Sprints | Worcester, Mass. | Sunday, May 1, 2022

Varsity Four B: Grand Final: 3rd/6, 7:26.158; Heat 2: 2nd/6, 7:24.377 (advanced to Grand Final)
Varsity Four A: Grand Final: 3rd/6, 7:43.543; Heat 3: 2nd/6, 7:29.273 (advanced to Grand Final)
Third Varsity 8: Grand Final: 4th/6, 7:05.058; Heat 1: 3rd/5, 7:01.470 (advanced to Grand Final)
Second Varsity 8: Grand Final: 6th/6, 7:16.989; Heat 1: 2nd/5, 6:52.362 (advanced to Grand Final)
Varsity 8: Heat 2: 3rd/5, 6:42.720 (did not advance to Grand Final)

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