Aho Goes 4 vs 4, Wins Accurate Shooting in All-Star Skills

Las vigas — Sebastian Aho | Got some tips from teammate Carolina Hurricanes Jacob Slavin To win the Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting in the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills Championship presented by DraftKings Sportsbook at T-Mobile Arena on Friday.

“Actually, he gave me some advice, but it was a little different because all the pucks were in the middle,” Aho said. “So he just told me to shoot as fast as you can, don’t press too much if you miss one or not. I was thinking about that, but they gave us passes instead.”

The striker did not miss anything, hitting all four goals in as many shots in 10.937 seconds. Slavin, a defensive man, won the event with a time of 9.505 seconds at the 2020 NHL All-Star Skills Championship in St. Louis.

“I don’t know if he went 4 vs 4 in front of me. I hope he isn’t,” Hurricanes goalkeeper Frederic Andersen He said it. “He’s obviously a good shooter, so when you give you time to level a tablet like this, I think it’s going to be pretty accurate.”

Nine players took part in the event, each shooting at four targets located at the corners of a grid 25 feet apart.

“I think you exercise every day on guys like [Andersen]Ahu, he said, this is not easy. I definitely think it’s easier to hit those goals than to achieve them [shoot it] Get past those goalkeepers.”

Video: Accurate Photography: Aho wins a perfect performance

Pittsburgh penguin forward Jake Goentzel 2nd place (12.017), 4 vs 5.

“He did a great job,” the Penguins goalkeeper Tristan Garry He said. “He only missed one and it was a high glove.”

Anaheim ducks forward troy terry Third place (13.491). straight ahead Jonathan Marquesault From the host Vegas Golden Knights took eighth place (27,782).

This is the second All-Star appearance for Aho, who was at the 2019 event in San Jose. The All-Star Game and Skills did not take place last season due to coronavirus concerns.

“[Aho] It was awesome. Obviously 10 seconds is hard to beat. The Boston Bruins striker said as soon as I saw, “Well, I’m in trouble.” Patrice Bergeron, which ranked seventh with a time of 20.947. “I wish I could have done a little better, but it was fun. Kudos to him for what he did. I thought the whole night was good and I had a great time.”

Former women’s hockey player Jocelyn Lamoreux-Davidson and former NHL quarterback Derek England were among those who passed pucks to players.

“It’s very different,” Aho said. “I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous going there, but it was just fun, so it was a great experience.”

NHL.com team writer Tom Goletti contributed to this report


Sebastian Aho |Carolina Hurricanes, 10.937 seconds

Jake Guentzel, Pittsburgh Penguins, 12.017

Troy Terry, Anaheim Dx, 13.491

Rasmus DahlenBuffalo Sabers 17.205

Johnny GoudroCalgary Flames 17.811

Clayton KeelerArizona Coyotes, 18.997

Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins, 20.947

Jonathan Marchesault, Vegas Golden Knights 27,782

Leon DrystelEdmonton Oilers, 36.543


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