Abbie Chatfield rages at Double Bay Today over satirical article claiming she craves media attention

Abbie Chatfield has fired up over a satirical story about her craving media attention in a lengthy Instagram rant, claiming she “doesn’t like fame” and “regularly has breakdowns” about articles written about her.

The former Bachelors contestant-turned radio host hit out at a mock article by social media page Double Bay Today titled “Abbie Chatfield trying to get caught drink driving after seeing how much media attention it got Kate Ritchie”.

Posted on Monday, the satirical piece is in reference to former Home and Away star Ritchie’s DUI, which she addressed on Instagram today.

Sharing a screenshot of the article on her Stories, Abbie slammed the publication for targeting her with the “narrative they’ve chosen” about her craving the spotlight.

“I can laugh at myself, but I regularly have f***ing breakdowns about the news coverage that I get,” the 27-year-old said.

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“I’m not out here, paying paparazzi like most people are, trying to get articles, pitching stories … I refuse most interviews unless it’s a friend, or a publication that I like to work with or I have to under a contract.

“I know it’s meant to be af***ing joke but isn’t satire supposed to be based on truth?” she added, going on to say she also doesn’t find drink driving jokes funny.

Addressing her catapult to fame since her stint on The Bachelor and Bachelors in ParadiseAbbie said she “doesn’t ask” for all the attention.

“I don’t like fame. I love my job … I have to keep being on public-facing things to do my job,” she explained, revealing that she is “in therapy” about the interest in her private life.

“It’s not funny. I don’t ask for media attention, I actually have breakdowns regularly about it, I’m in therapy about it. I don’t like being famous,” she said, adding that she’s faced people in the industry who are “very jealous” of her success.

“I regularly hear people talking about how I must be f***ing someone at Ten or I must be feeding articles to the media to get more attention … People who are very jealous of me, people who I’ve heard them blatantly say ‘I should have gotten that job… How did she get it?’

“It’s time to let that go everyone and realise that I get jobs for various reasons, including my following that I’ve created… As well as being talented, and as well as being smart, and as well as being I dunno, liked, by people that I work with,” she concluded.

Abbie’s revelation comes shortly after reports emerged that she has split with boyfriend Konrad Bień-Stephen after 10 months of dating.

The pair, who are in an open relationship, have not confirmed reports they have separated, which first appeared on Daily Mail Australia.

Abbie has addressed the rumours, telling fans she’s “totally okay”, but adding she would not be commenting further until Konrad returns from filming a reality show overseas.

Last week, the Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield host expressed her frustration that photos of her taken shortly after the break-up whispers emerged were published with speculation she was crying over the split.

She told listeners she was actually upset over the fact she had not been nominated for an Australian Commercial Radio Award.

“I’m pretty angry about it, and of course I have paparazzi photos of me looking ‘dishevelled’ when I was just crying about the lack of nominations and I felt like I wasn’t valued by my community of radio,” she admitted .


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