9 Electrifying Predictions For Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor’s next adventure might be the most worthy.

Fans are eager to see director Taika Waititi and Marvel’s upcoming superhero blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder.

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After Waititi made a smashing impression with Thor: Ragnarok, everyone is looking forward to seeing the God of Thunder and his pals return to face Gorr the God Butcher in the franchise’s fourth film. Because of all this excitement, here are nine predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


All-Black the Necrosword

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Gorr’s signature weapon in the comics is All-Black the Necrosword, which he stole from the symbiote god, Knull, making him powerful enough to take on any deity. Since the phrase “necrosword” was used to name Hela’s weapons, we may see Gorr’s weapon be connected to the Goddess of Death in the film. Or the filmmakers could take the easy route and just call the blade “All-Black.”


Knull Appears

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Since Gorr’s weapon is associated with this eldritch entity, audiences could see Knull make his first cinematic appearance in this film, most likely in a post-credits scene. The MCU already introduced Venom into their expansive multiverse with Let There Be Carnageso Marvel may decide to include the Lord of the Abyss as part of their partnership with Sony and their Spider-Man Universe.


Galactus Will Appear

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Fans have been dying to see the Devourer of Worlds make his debut in the MCU, and this next Thor film could be the one that introduces him. After Thor defeated Gorr in the comics, the God of Thunder fought Galactus using All-Black, and the film could set up this epic battle with a cliffhanger credits scene just like the one used with Thanos at the end of Ragnarok.


Amora Appears

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One of Thor’s greatest enemies is the Enchantress, not the DC one, but an Asgardian sorceress obsessed with the God of Thunder, repeatedly using her magic to seduce him and destroy anyone in her path. While it looks like Gorr will be the main antagonist of this fourth film, Amora could still be thrown into the mix as she attempts to make Thor, or perhaps even Valkyrie, fall in love with her. The movie is titled “Love and Thunder” after all.


Gorr Kills Zeus

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It has been confirmed that Russell Crowe will cameo in this film as the Greek God, Zeus. Given that MCU has already built a significant part of their universe around Greek mythology, it’s no surprise that Zeus has a more minor role in this Marvel film. But what exactly will he do? Perhaps, he and his Olympian brethren will be killed by Gorr, catching Thor’s attention and showing the audience just how big a threat the God Butcher really is.


The Celestials Return

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Audiences saw the Celestials have a more significant presence in the MCU with the release of Eternals, and chances are, they’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. In the source material, Gorr’s sword, All-Black, was used to slice off a Celestial’s head, now widely known as Knowhere. Perhaps we’ll get flashes of this blade’s history as it was used against the Celestials, and maybe we’ll see Gorr take them on himself in his war against all divinity.


Odin Killed Gorr’s Family

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As his title implies, Gorr the God Butcher hates gods. In the comics, this contempt came from his family dying on their inhospitable world and learning that gods did exist and that they didn’t bother to save them. However, the MCU is no stranger to changing character origins for its films, so they could make it so Gorr is more directly related to Thor and his father, Odin. In Thor: Ragnarok, audiences learned that Odin and his daughter, Hela, once waged a brutal war for control of the Nine Realms. Perhaps, Gorr’s family was among those killed in their crusade, and their deaths inspired him to pursue vengeance against the Asgardians.


Sif and Valkyrie Become a Couple

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Tessa Thompson has said that this new film will explore Valkyrie’s bisexuality, and that as the new “king” of Asgard, she will now “find her queen.” Many online fans have been shipping her and Thor’s friend/partner, Sif, who is set to return in Love and Thunderand it seems like these two fierce warriors would be a match made in heaven (or Asgard, in their case).


Thor and Jane Get Back Together

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For a while, Marvel Studios didn’t handle Jane Foster and her relationship with Thor very well. So much so that when Ragnarok It revealed that she and Thor broke up off-screen, audiences didn’t seem to mind. But with Waititi helming the franchise and Natalie Portman returning to portray Jane, now wielding the power of Thor, we could see their dynamic grow in a whole new way, inspiring them to get back together.

Do you agree with this list? What do you think you’ll see in Thor: Love and Thunder? Please let me know in the comments section below, and watch the film when it premieres on July 8, 2022.

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