7 shows like South Park to watch more satirical comedies

Since its debut in 1997, South Park It was one of the most talked about shows on TV. Created by Matt Stone And Trey ParkerThe series is set in the rustic mountain town of Colorado with a primary focus on fourth graders Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and all the political misadventures they embark on. South Park It has always taken an uncompromising approach to satire and does not contain anything sacred covering hot topics including politics, religion and current events. Any hot button topic you can think of, South Park They will probably focus on it.

While South Park It is one of the most popular animated comedy films, and there are plenty of great animated comedy series, many of which have also attracted large audience bases similar to the Comedy Central hit. While fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of South Park, this politically incorrect comedy might help satisfy their hunger for more brand laughs with Stone and Parker’s gruesome hit.

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Regina King as Huey Freeman in The Boondocks with a gun
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Aaron McGruderCartoon inspired boondocks A huge hit for the first three seasons, based on the comic strip created by McGruder, the series revolves around the Freeman family, young activist Huey Freeman, 8-year-old rebel Riley Freeman, and their legal guardian Grandad on the move. Issues of race, politics, and fame in the predominantly white suburb of Woodcrest, Illinois. There’s also the racist and obnoxious Uncle Ruckus, a self-hating black man who thinks he was actually born white, but also Grandad’s best friend.

Just like Parker and Stone did South ParkMcGruder tackled current issues all through a black perspective as opposed to the libertarian lens of South Park. McGruder’s work in the first three seasons enjoyed politically incorrect humor and the use of outlandish stories to illustrate the current social climate. The show also featured a voice cast including the Academy Award winner Regina King Like the voices of Huey, Riley, and The Late John Witherspoon Like Grandad along with loads of familiar celebrity guest voices including Posta RhymesAnd Samuel L. Jackson, And Snoop Dogg. reboot is Currently in the works For HBO Max with McGruder returning with a release planned for later this year, so it won’t be long before fans can reconnect with the Freeman family.

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Beavis and Boot Head

Beavis and Boothide de America
Image via Paramount Pictures

Mike Judge He is one of the smartest contemporary satirical writers working today and has made more than just a few successful films and shows including king of the hillAnd office spaceAnd crap, And Silicon Valley. Although it’s a raw cartoon comedy Beavis and Boot Head This is perhaps his most important work. One would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not at least heard of the ’90s comedy after two goofy teens who love nothing other than heavy metal, watching TV, running and jogging and being stupid. Like a lot of the characters in South ParkThe titular animated comics duo are totally despicable human beings. They have no moral sense or empathy, but that’s one of the reasons we love them so much.

Beavis and Boot Head We’re happy to make ordinary situations seem hysterical and exhilarating, and their unapologetic nature and raw, dated animation only add to the show experience. Judge’s Breakout series allows fans to laugh at the stupidity of simple things and even when the characters do terrible things, the audience can’t help them but still love them in the end.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kaitlin Olsen Charlie Day Danny DeVito Glenn Hurton Rob Michelini
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The continuation of the trend of funny shows about terrible people, in the long run It’s always sunny in Philadelphia It is easily one of the most popular. Like a twisted version of cheers, series 5 follows narcissistic friends of the Philadelphia-based Irish pub owners Paddy’s Pub as they try to conjure success for themselves by any means possible. With a cast that includes Charlie DayAnd Glenn HurtonAnd Rob McElhenneyAnd Kaitlyn Olson And the legend itself Danny DeVitoThe series is still going strong after barely missing a beat even after 15 seasons.

ruthless style South ParkNothing is out of reach Always sunny. Desirable with offensive humor, increasingly bizarre situations, and quirky characters, there’s a reason the series is as successful as it is. so for South Park Fans are looking for non-animated comedy to keep them busy while waiting for the new season of the show, always sunny It is the perfect choice.

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Archer Season 12 h John Benjamin Social Featured
Image via FX

Located in the middle of espionage and action, one might expect archer To be more action-focused with comedy taking a back seat, and they’d be wrong. The series revolves around super-spy Sterling Archer who works with his tyrannical mother on his quest to save the world from evil. James Bond, Archer is not. Instead, the character is more like South ParkRandy Marsh except that instead of a father and a weed farmer, he’s a secret agent. The title character is usually more interested in getting drunk and lying down than saving the world.

archer It got to a point where I decided to get rid of the spy background for seasons at a time and change the formula. From direct parodies Miami ViceFilm Noir Magnum BArrogant Adventures Camp Space Movies, and much more. archer He’s also clearly not afraid to joke about some tricky topics, from the use of Pam, Archer’s codename being “Duchess”, and plenty of dark humor.

Power Hunger Teen Aqua

Image via Warner Bros.

South Park It’s not the only comedy on TV to push boundaries, but if one had to argue about another show, Push it furtherAnd Power Hunger Teen Aqua It is likely to be a choice. The series centers around three anthropomorphic fast food items. There’s the clever box of Frylock fries, the manipulative and Cartman-esque Master Shake, and the sassy, ​​warm mince slab. The trio are constantly getting into trouble and dragging their human neighbor Karl into chaos.

Power Hunger Teen Aqua It is a series that is constantly unpredictable and transforms the formula episode after episode. Outside of the 8-bit Mooninites, Dr. Weird, and Steve, most of the supporting cast revolve around the show as their appearances are limited to just one episode. With totally unruly episodes like “Hand Banana” and “Broodwich”, this series never really addresses its surreal nature and constantly moves fate.

The Simpsons

Christmas episodes
The picture is on the 20th TV

The Simpsons It can be said that it really started this era of adult animation. The never-ending animated sitcom has been on the air for over 30 years with 33 seasons, making it the longest-running sitcom in television history. The series takes place in the American town of Springfield and follows the beloved, albeit dysfunctional Simpsons family, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The first seasons of the show are arguably some of the greatest TV chops ever broadcast including such classics as “Marge Vs. The Monorail”, “Homer Enemy” and “Flaming Moe’s”. Not to be forgotten is the traditional series “Tree House of Horror” Halloween Specials, which every year mimics popular films and shows in the world of horror and science fiction. While the series has been waning over the past two decades, the ’90s era of the series still needs to be watched on TV. very much like South Park, the series is not afraid to press buttons related to topics such as politics and religion but compared to the previous one, it plays much safer.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty on the sofa
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Since its premiere on Adult Swim back in 2013, Rick and Morty It has become one of the most popular TV shows, whether animated or not. The series, which began as a loose parody of Back to the future, follows the multidimensional and often violent adventures of genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his hapless grandson Morty. From turning yourself into a pickle, changing the universe mid-season, to even dealing with themes of death and nihilism, authenticity Dan Harmon And Justin RoilandObviously, her success is one of the keys to her success.

very much like South ParkThe show is fun Lots of weird scenarios It plays with temporarily killing characters and constantly changing continuity. Roiland has proven to be a talented voice actor in the same league as Parker and Stone, voicing both the title characters and the many strange creatures they encounter along the way.

Rick and Seung Ji Hoon
‘Rick and Morty’ characters are more likely to win a Squid

The multiverse is a dangerous place. Squid could be worse.

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