30 Creative Cardboard Games and Activities for Kids

Another DIY outdoor project for kids is a lemonade stand. Use a couple of cardboard tubes and 1-2 large boxes to design a stand that can be an exercise in economics! Practice math while measuring to build it and when mixing up the lemonade. Add up how many cups you’ll need. Decide what to charge each customer. Many life skills can be modeled using the lemonade stand as a learning tool!

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10. Cardboard Frame Playhouse


A giant cardboard playhouse will bring hours of indoor/outdoor enjoyment for kids. Creating their own space to read and relax for a while will allow them to build up energy for more playtime later. They’ll love the idea that they have a place just for themselves, and it’s portable so they can set it wherever they want!

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This cardboard game is a brain challenge! Planning and engineering a maze out of cardboard, then trying to solve it will give a nice sense of accomplishment and keep kids busy for hours. Set a 5-minute time limit and see who makes it through by dodging a marble around the holes.

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12. What’s Inside the Box? Game


A classic cardboard game, What’s Inside the Box is entertainment for anyone who comes over to play. Household items can be placed inside and players simply try to guess what’s inside without looking. This cardboard activity incorporates science by using the sense of touch and logic.

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13. Creeper Beanbag Toss


Kids will go crazy for this cardboard Minecraft character game! Toss the bean bag into the openings to score points. After each player has 5 tries, add up the points to find the winner!

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14. Homemade Frisbee Toss Game


For summer fun, nothing is better than a frisbee! Decorate the large ring-style frisbee made of cardboard and you can play a game of catch with a friend. To make things more interesting, you can add a couple of cardboard tubes to the yard and try to toss the rings around them!

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15. Cardboard Tube Bowling Game


On rainy days, kids are always wishing they could be more active when they get bored. Make a cute DIY bowling game from duct tape and toilet paper roll tubes! Good for rolling across the floor or for a tablet game, this creative cardboard bowling set will keep everyone entertained on a rainy day.

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16. Cardboard Puzzle Games


Kids can make their own jigsaw puzzle games out of cardboard and pictures or stickers. Make the pieces with lots of different shapes to fit together, or simply cut them into evenly sized squares to mix up and put them back together again.

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Use big pieces of cardboard cut into squares and draw bold letters on them to create a homemade game of large print scrapbble for the kids to play outside. At stores, sets of letters for outdoor games are $5 or more. Use shipping boxes that are already sitting in the basement and create your own game!

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18. Indoor Cardboard Slide


Make an indoor playground that kids will be thrilled to visit! Use a piece of cardboard–or 3- to make a slide down the stairs! Taking turns so that no one gets injured, kids can slide their way down on a rainy day. The time they spend together sliding down the stairs will be a memorable experience.

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19. Box Road for Toy Cars


Create a model of your neighborhood using this classic cardboard activity. Again, what makes all these games and activities great is that kids of any age can earn from and be challenged by the build. Use other blocks and small toys they have to create scenery, places to drive to, and obstacles on the road.

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20. Make a Tabletop Game


Pick a simple concept like collecting pieces until they are all gone, and draw a game board on a piece of cardboard. Use any small figures you have laying around and make your own rules! Playing board games as a family is a pastime that has long been enjoyed. Take family game night to a new level when you’re a player in your own game!

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Use up your collection of used paper towel rolls and toilet tissue rolls to create a roller coaster on the wall. Use small bouncy balls or marbles and let them roll down the tube path to the floor. See how far it rolls once it’s down and measure the distance for added STEM learning.

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Make a stacking game out of cardboard tubes. Cut slot locks into different areas of the rim of different-sized tubes and see if you can build it as tall as your head!

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23. Sight Words Cardboard Carnival Game


Create a cardboard frame and glue shortened empty rolls onto it to create a ledge. Shoot pompoms with a catapult (a great STEM activity to study levers) and wherever the pompom lands is the word you have to read.

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Another rainy day game that can get the kids active and spending some pent-up energy. Make your own game of miniature golf! Use up a whole room and place some challenging obstacles in the way. Try to get a lower score than the other players.

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25. Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Dice


After the stuff you ordered online is delivered, close the box back up with colorful tape and write a different movement task on each side. Roll the die and get moving!

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Another imaginative game where there are no rules. Create your character and act out a story for an audience. Search for some of your favorite tv show or video game characters online and look for cardboard tutorials.

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This classic cardboard game is going to thrill audiences, too! Recreate a story you just read together by adapting it into a script yourself. Look for inspiration here, or just take turns telling knock-knock jokes.

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The idea of ​​having space maker is becoming more popular. A maker space is a “curiosity space” for kids to build, explore, and invent with a variety of tools and supplies.

Take out the crafting supplies and make a colorful kaleidoscope with the kids out of cardboard tubes.

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A classic handheld game, Catch the Ball is an easy game that will teach perseverance. To be successful with Catch the Ball, you must trial and error at different speeds and lifts to guide the ball into the hole. A classic handheld game, Catch the Ball is an easy game that will teach perseverance. To be successful with Catch the Ball, you must trial and error at different speeds and lifts to guide the ball into the hole.

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30. Homemade Fidget Spinner

Fidgets have been a fad for the past few years now, and this is the original fidget–the fidget spinner. Did you know it is possible to make your own? Talk about a STEM learning experience! Follow the video for inspiration and spin away!

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