13 Funny Jokes About Stimulus Checks From Twitter That’ll Crack You Up

The first stimulus checks started rolling out this week, and it seems like everyone has something to say about the situation. Some people are still wondering where their check is, others are pondering what they might spend their money on, and then there are the few choice who managed to get millions from the government for a fleeting moment. But no matter what category you fall into, these hilarious Twitter jokes about stimulus checks will make you laugh. And for more ways people have made the most of these dark times, check out 13 Funny Quarantine Videos and Photos of People Entertaining Themselves.

1. First things first, everyone on Twitter is joking about constantly checking their bank accounts.

And it hurts when you don’t see that $1,200 pending.

2. But those without their stimulus checks are feeling a little left out.

You’re just trying to join the party—and pay for groceries.

3. The IRS website is not making things any better.


If you’ve gone to check your status on the IRS website, you’ve most like been hit with the “Payment Status Not Available” alert—which just makes you feel worse.

4. Of course, things always seem to be working when the IRS needs your money.

So your taxes come out of your account immediately every year, but your stimulus check is nowhere to be found? Iiiiinteresting…

5. For those who haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet, it’s all starting to feel like a real game.

You’re the battleship and you’re sinking.

6. It’s kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory out there right now.

To quote Veruca Salt, “Don’t care how, I want it now.”

7. In the meanwhile, you’re just thinking about how good it’ll feel to have more than $1 in your bank account.

That’s a 1,200 percent increase! And if you’re trying to pass the time in quarantine, waiting for your stimulus check, check out 17 Things to Do by Yourself While You’re Social Distancing.

8. And you’re already fantasizing about what you’re going to buy.

Stimulus well spent.

9. Of course, in New York, for example, $1,200 doesn’t get you very far.


At least you can splurge for the toppings?

10. But in reality, you know what you have to spend the money on.

Credit card debt? Student loans? Car payment? Who will be crowned America’s Next Top Payment? And for more hilarious tweets from quarantine, check out these 12 Tweets From Parents Hilariously Struggling to Homeschool in Quarantine.

11. Meanwhile, of courseyour ex got their stimulus check.


If your former flame is using stimulus checks and the coronavirus as an excuse to reach out, don’t respond!

12. And some people are getting a little wild with all this money.

Turn up—literally!

13. But sadly, we all know $1,200 doesn’t last forever.


What can you say? Online shopping is a little too tempting right now.

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