10 Unpopular Opinions About The Thor Trilogy, According To Reddit

Thor Odinson is the first MCU hero to get a fourth solo film and it’s because he’s so popular, though not everyone seems to think so. Fans everywhere are eagerly waiting to see what the MCU has in store for the mighty god of thunder in Thor: Love and Thunderwhether good or bad.

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MCU fans have been all over Reddit, sharing their thoughts, theories, and unpopular opinions about the Marvel franchise. The Thor trilogy was overall very successful but like any major trilogy, fans have some qualms with the film series and they shared them with other users on Reddit.


Hela Is A Generic Villain

hela breaks thor's hammer

Thor’s sister and Odin’s firstborn is stronger than Thor and Loki combined. She made a formidable foe in the third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok. Many agree that Hela was a worthy villain for the final film of the Thor Trilogy, but Redditor Eterninox believes that “Hela is a very generic villain.”

u/Eterninox believes that “as a Goddess of Death, [they] would expect her to have more interesting powers that ‘creating pointy things out of thin air.'” Loki already has the ability to conjure daggers to fight so seeing something new from Hela would have been refreshing, but in Ragnarok, her main power is conjuring necroswords.Hela is strong, but her powers left something to be desired.

Ragnarok Had Too Much Comedy

Thor and Loki next to each other in elevator in Thor: Ragnarok

After the first two films only involved comedy as an occasional relief from more serious topics, the comedy-driven third movie was a surprise. Many fans loved the comedy twist on the hero’s story, but not everyone wanted it.

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Reddit user 283leis felt that “Ragnarok‘s issue [in their mind] is they went way too hard on the humor, to the point where it just wasn’t funny.” The first two Thor movies were serious and the stakes were high. The third Thor movie dealt with high-stakes topics such as the complete destruction of Asgard, but the constant barrage of jokes lowered the stakes by association.

Lady Sif And The Warriors Three Deserved Better

Sif and the warriors three

Thor’s friends Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun were supporting characters in the trilogy. The four characters are rarely in the minds of MCU fans as they take the back seat to Thor and Loki. Despite many accepting the complete absence or near-complete absence of them in Thor: Ragnaroksome fans believe the band of loyal companions deserve better.

Redditor CaptainMar-Vell92 states that Lady Sif is “woefully underused in both Thor films despite being an important character in the comics,” and “she’s not even present in Thor: Ragnarok.” They also state that “despite being shown as Thor’s loyal companions, the [Warriors] three were underutilized for the entire trilogy. This reached its apex in Thor: Ragnarok when all three ended up quickly getting killed off.”

The Dark World Would’ve Been Better Without The Earth Scenes

A dimensional portal in Thor: The Dark World

The second film of the trilogy is pretty well-known as the worst of the Thor movies and many think it is actually the worst of any MCU film. But there are some fans who think that the film wasn’t all that bad, it just had some bad aspects.

Reddit user iwannalynch felt that Thor: The Dark World “wasn’t a terrible film if you basically cut out most of the human/earth bits.” The part of the film that was set on Asgard was engaging and set up for an excellent movie, but when it left Asgard, all that was left was a less than an interesting plot and an even less interesting villain.

The Dark World Had The Best Thor And Loki Interactions

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in Thor the Dark World

To say the least, Thor and Loki have a complicated relationship. There is a constant cycle of loyalty and then betrayal, mostly on the part of Loki. While most believe that the brothers’ relationship is similar throughout all of the MCU, some believe their relationship is quite different depending on which film they are in.

Redditor Optimal_Cry_1782 felt that “the interactions between Thor and Loki are spectacular and heartfelt” in the often considered lackluster second entry. The brothers band together with a common goal and though Loki has his moments throughout the movie, for the most part, they portray a healthy sibling relationship.

Thor Is Unlikeable In The First Movie

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The first Thor movie is on that fans can usually agree on. It was the introduction to the mighty Thor as the newest Marvel hero and while most think of it fondly, Redditor TheSolarElite believes it is the worst of the films for a few reasons; the first being Thor’s character.

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U/TheSolarElite felt that “Thor himself was super unlikable and never felt like someone [they] should be rooting for and definitely not like someone who deserves to have a movie named after him.” Thor’s personality in the first movie was definitely more unlikable due to his arrogance and entitlement.

Thor And Jane Aren’t A Good Couple

Thor and Jane Foster

Jane Foster is Thor’s human love interest. When Thor is banished to earth, he meets Jane, and somewhere along the way they fall in love. Most fans would agree that Thor and Jane were a worthy MCU couple, but not everyone shared that opinion.

Reddit user Oripaa felt that “the Thor and Jane relationship is pointless” and they believe “They did nothing to love or even like each other.” Jane and Thor’s relationship seemed too forced and the two didn’t have very good chemistry on screen. Overall their relationship seemed to some like it was necessary to establish Thor’s love of the planet.

Thor’s Love Interest Should’ve Been Lady Sif

Sif fighting in a fiery battle.

Lady Sif is a fierce warrior and a goddess herself. MCU fans love Lady Sif as a loyal companion to Thor and most accept that Sif is Thor’s friend. Jane Foster was introduced in the first film as Thor’s love interest, but as mentioned, not everyone loved that relationship.

Redditor Beaglers felt that “if Lady Sif were to be Thor’s love interest instead, the story would flow much better.” Lady Sif is a fighter and she would fit into the plot better than Jane did. She could be a part of the battles and the movies could spend more time in Asgard rather than on earth.

Frigga’s Funeral Is The Most Beautiful Scene In The MCU

Asgardian boats on fire for Frigga's funeral

Again, Thor: The Dark World is one of the least liked MCU movies. Fans were overall underwhelmed by the plot and the characters, but there was one scene in the film that Redditor hentendo thought was impressive.

U/hentendo believes that “that funeral scene for Frigga and the fallen Asgardians has got to be the most beautiful scene [they] personally have seen in the MCU. The music, the visuals, and the emotion are just amazing.” From the hauntingly beautiful music to the stunning visuals, Frigga’s funeral is a saving grace of Thor: The Dark World. The added pain of Loki not being able to attend his beloved mother’s funeral makes the scene so much more emotional.

Ragnarok Ruined Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is widely considered the best of the Thor trilogy and is rated higher than the first two on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Despite that, there are still unpopular opinions about Thor: Ragnarok.

Redditor LowkeyZut believes that in every other movie Thor “was a relatable character with great character development,” but Ragnarok made him “a cringy comic relief.” Thor fans got used to the original Thor, the one that Tony Stark jokingly referred to as being Shakespearean. When a goofy Thor was introduced, most fans were open to the hero’s new look, but a few rejected this version.

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