10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show (According To Reddit)

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Apple TV+ show Severance.

Apple TV+’s Severance thrust viewers into a sinister world where a twisted version of work-life balance is becoming normalized. The sci-fi show’s intriguing premise and shocking twists have unsurprisingly sparked some unpopular opinions on platforms like Reddit.

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From Irving’s story arc being boring to the overtime contingency not making any sense, the hottest takes on the underrated series understandably prompt discussions and even heated debates among fans. As audiences eagerly wait for more details about its second season, it’s a great time to explore some of the more controversial opinions about the series.


Irving Bailiff’s Story Arc Is Boring

Irving from Severance in the office wearing a vest and tie.

One of the best story arcs in Severance is Irving’s, as fans have seen him change from being the stickler who follows the handbook to a revolutionary who wants to go against Lumon. Vanilla_Euphoric isn’t impressed, saying “Irving’s storyline during the finale was the most boring one” since “he didn’t really get a lot done.”

Most fans would agree Irv’s storyline in the final episode revealed crucial information about his character and the company. Viewers now know his outtie is the mole Ms. Cobel has been hunting, not to mention the bizarre paintings that make his story arc even more intriguing.

Seth Milchick Is More Interesting Than Harmony Cobel

Mr.  Milchick standing behind Ms.  Cobel in Severance.

Ms. Cobel and Mr. Milchick are a villainous duo, but it’s Harmony who’s undoubtedly more interesting. Lnnam finds that they “don’t really care about Cobel” and would rather get more “information on Milchick.”

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Unlike Seth, the series has already depicted Harmony’s darker and more mysterious side, which has made her the subject of several fan theories. If given the choice, most fans would likely choose to learn more about Ms. Cobel and her strange shrine with the hospital band. What’s more, Mr. Milchick has mostly been a supporting character who reacts to and follows Ms. Cobel.

The Goats Don’t Matter

Among the several weird mysteries about Lumon are the goats that Mark and Helly stumble upon while exploring the office. There are also the numbers on Refiners’ screens that evoke fear. The user genericxinsight thinks “the goats” and “the numbers” are “the least interesting or important things” about the whole story, though.

Based on the numerous fan theories that have come out about these two aspects of the series, in particular, it’s safe to say that most viewers are looking for answers. They could be part of a bigger puzzle that will reveal what Lumon is really doing, after all.

The Overtime Contingency Doesn’t Make Sense

Helly, Dylan, and Irving in Severance

Fans won’t soon forget the likable character Dylan’s sacrifice when he volunteers to stay behind and trigger the “overtime contingency” for Mark, Helly, and Irv to access their outties’ lives. The Redditor sunplaysbass says “the way they introduced it barely made sense” even though it “is critical to the show.”

The overtime contingency is introduced after Mr. Milchick is forced to use it on Dylan who has hidden contraband from Optics and Design. It makes sense that he would have to wake up Dylan’s innie for this information, as delaying it could have gotten Seth in trouble with upper management.

Harmony Cobel Is A Terrible Character


Ms. Cobel has quickly become an unforgettable sci-fi villain thanks to her fascinating – often creepy – character in the show. The user joebrizphotos can’t stand her, though, describing how they don’t enjoy “every second” she is “on the screen.” They also “don’t know why outtie Mark puts up with her at all.”

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The fact that she’s so easy to dislike is a testament to how well-written the character is. She’s meant to be a disturbing antagonist who stalks, manipulates, and endangers those around her. Her character’s actions and motivations represent how nefarious Kier’s philosophy can be.

Irving Bailiff Should Be The Lead Instead Of Mark Scout

John Turturro in Severance.

Mark is easily the best character in Severance, as it’s through his heartbreaking story arc that fans see how evil Lumon really is. Low_Intention_3812 believes “Irving is the more compelling character,” though, “and he should be the lead” instead of Mark.

While Irving is definitely a fascinating character, his outtie knows way too much about Lumon. Putting him as the lead would completely change the pace of the series and remove a lot of the anticipation and mystery about the company. What’s more, fans wouldn’t get to meet interesting side characters like Devon, as Irving’s outtie is a loner.

The First Season Was Too Long

Severance cast

Every episode from the first season of the series helped viewers understand the intricacies and dangers of Mark’s world. QuerolousPanda thinks “the series was too long” and should have been “7 or 8 episodes rather than 9.” However, they also admit that “everything was extremely well executed and acted” and “really can’t think of anything that should have been cut.”

If anything, fans likely would’ve wanted the first season to be longer. The several unresolved storylines from the finale and numerous clues could’ve been explained further with another episode or two.

Dylan George’s Innie Should Have Gone Outside

Zach Cherry as Dylan in Severance.

The finale thrust Helly, Mark, and Irv’s innies into their outties’ lives, with Dylan heroically volunteering to stay behind and activate the overtime contingency. Altruistic-Aioli-428 says they “would have rather have seen more of Dylans outie than Irv’s,” implying that it would have been more absorbing to see more of his family.

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While audiences are likely curious to learn more about Dylan’s life outside Lumon’s walls, it was about time that the series shed light on Irv’s mysterious outtie. The revelations about him being a mole investigating the company’s employees was a major point for his story arc.

Burt Goodman And Irving Bailiff’s Relationship Is Unnecessary


Burt and Irving’s relationship gave fans some much-needed heartwarming romance in the sci-fi show. The user Lumon-Industries finds it unnecessary, though, detailing how they “really don’t care about Irving and Burt’s relationship” and find it strange that “people are acting like it’s the greatest love story ever told.”

Most fans ship the charming duo precisely because of how important their love story is to the overarching narrative. Their pairing highlights the lack of freedom given to innies who are capable of love, too, not to mention the cruel rules in the company’s handbook.

The Finale Was Disappointing


Despite leaving fans with more questions than answers, the exciting finale of the first season is arguably the best episode of the show so far. LisaFrankLover was not too happy about it, though, pointing out how the “entire finale was a disappointment” and recalling how they “could not enjoy it equally to the other episodes.”

The shocking events in the finale sparked countless fan theories and discussions, which says a lot about how absorbing it was for most fans. It masterfully weaved together the peak of several storylines and ended with cliffhangers that perfectly set up the highly-anticipated second season.

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