10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About The TVA

The Time Variance Authority was introduced into the MCU with Loki on Disney+, creating a new and mysterious addition to Marvel’s cinematic lore. However, it has been around in comic books for almost 40 years and it is one of the most important entities guarding the cosmic order in the Marvel Universe.

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Since the TVA works in secret and far from the human eye, many people know nothing about them, but across the whole of Marvel continuity since the 1980s, there are many stories that tell the relevant readers many details they need to know about this secretive agency .

10 It First Appeared In 1986

The Time Variance Authority was created by Walt Simonson and Sal Buscema and appeared in Marvel Comics for the first time in 1986’s Thor #372. From the very first moment, they are explained as an entity responsible for monitoring the multiverse and disappearing potentially dangerous timelines.

In this issue, Justice Peace, a TVA agent, joins forces with Thor to rescue Jane Foster from Zaniac. Although they fail, Thor uses the Mjolnir to travel back in time a couple of hours and try again. After this, Justice Peace returns to the future.

9 Chronomonitors Are All Clones

In the comics, all employees of the TVA are clones, regardless of their rank. What changes among them is the way they look. While managers and higher-ranked agents have a human appearance, the lowest-ranked employees, called chronomonitors, do not.

Chronomonitors are anthropomorphic faceless beings that are created by quantum technology whenever they are needed. Each one of them is tasked with taking care of a specific reality or timeline, so whenever there is a new reality, a new faceless chronomonitor is created to be its Guardian. They all live together in the Hall of Chronometry.

8 It Serves As An Homage For A Beloved Marvel Writer

Originally, all of the TVA managers looked the same: white males with black hair, a balding head, and a mustache. This image is an homage to Mark Gruenwald, a Marvel writer and editor who also worked as a continuity expert for the company, and who had a part designing the classification system for the Marvel multiverse.

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On Loki, Owen Wilson’s character, Morbius M. Morbius, was designed to look like him, hence the mustache. Later on, the TVA clones would start resembling Tom DeFalco, another famous Marvel writer.

7 It Created The Time Twisters

He Who Remains, the first director of the TVA, created the Time-Keepers during the End of Time as a way to ensure the continued safety of reality. However, in the process, he failed first and so he created the Time Twisters. A chaotic trio that destroyed several Earths only for the sake of doing it.

The Time Twisters traveled back in time, interacting with the Earth every 3000 years and destroying it every time. To stop them, Thor and other members of the Avengers had to fight them along with Zarrko, a scientist from the 80th century.

6 It Does Not Monitor One Timeline, But All Of Them

In Loki, the TVA’s main purpose is to monitor the sacred timeline. This meant that they only had control over one reality, the only one that was in existence until Sylvie changed everything. However, in the comic books, the TVA monitors every timeline since there are many around after the creation of the Marvel multiverse.

Considering the first season of the show where everything ended with many timelines being created and the many plots happening in the MCU right now, it is obvious that Marvel is moving towards the multiverse, which means the audience is yet to know if the TVA will be taking care of all of them.

5 One Of Its Most Famous Members is Justice Peace

Before Morbius became widely beloved thanks to the Disney+ series, the most famous employee of the TVA was Justice Peace, a former agent of the Special Services of the Federal Police, who travels through time neutralizing threats for the timeline.

Although he has no superpowers, Justice Peace is a master marksman and he also is a skilled pilot, besides he possesses future technology, such as a force-field device and a versatile weapon he calls Peacemaker. He was created by Walter Simonson who was inspired by the dystopian officer Judge Dredd to create this character.

4 The Agency Has A Feud With The Fantastic Four

Since the Fantastic Four are no strangers to time travel technology, the TVA has encountered problems with this group of superheroes on several occasions. The first time occurred after Death’s Head was hired to explore a time bubble created by mistake. Here, he found the Fantastic Four time traveling and they were quarantined by the TVA before being returned to their timeline.

After this, Mister Fantastic found a time travel device that had to be confiscated before chaos ensued. On a different occasion, Mister Fantastic battled Doctor Doom using second-long time-jumps, which caused Justice Peace to arrest him, and even threatened to erase Reed from existence. He escaped and introduced a virus on the TVA’s computers which allowed his timeline to become unregistered by the TVA.

3 The Retroactive Cannon Is One Of Its Most Important Weapons

The Retractive Cannon or “Ret-Can” is the most dangerous weapon in the TVA’s hands. It is used to erase someone from reality by shooting them with anti-temporal rays, which cause the victim to unravel through time until disappearing forever from any timeline in existence.

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Some known victims of the Ret-Can are Knight Man, Justice Goodwill, Mr. Orobourous, and even She-Hulk, who was saved after Clockwise took the cannon and used it to erase several superheroes. It is also important to mention that its name is a reference to retcon, this is, retroactive continuity.

2 Sometimes They Use Mercenaries To Maintain Order

Although they can be considered an official institution, the Time Variance Authority is no stranger to hiring mercenaries and hitmen, especially for dangerous missions. In fact, Justice Peace is one of those mercenaries. In exchange for their services, the TVA pays these people and even replaces their limbs with robotic parts if they lose them.

Since the TVA considers its labor to be the most important thing in the whole of existence, they consider themselves to be above any morality, and so, they have a machiavellian approach to problems where the end justifies the means.

1 Its Influence Over Time Is Not Absolute

Although the TVA officially states its influence over time is absolute, this is not true. The agency has more control over the timeline than any other entity, but their scope has been trumped on several occasions, especially by God-like entities, such as Kang the Conqueror and the Delubric Consortium.

The comic books have shown that the TVA is not an infallible institution. Another good example is the TV series Lokiwhere the TVA finds itself unable to stop Loki and Sylvie from unleashing a whole multiverse, immune to pruning.

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