10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Madison Montgomery

American Horror Story will premiere its eleventh season in the near future, while the spin-off, American Horror Stories, is currently airing. The long-running franchise is a staple for the FX Network and one of creator Ryan Murphy’s crowning achievements.

The show has introduced plenty of unforgettable characters, mainly played by Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. However, Emma Roberts has also brought several memorable figures to life, especially the vain and conniving Madison Montgomery. The powerful witch has delivered several hilarious quotes, many of which have become particularly famous for perfectly encapsulating who she is as a character.


“I Need a Cigarette.”

AHS: CovenEpisode 6, “The Axeman Cometh.”

Madison has a very dark sense of humor about everything, including herself. She often sees things in the simplest way possible, whether because it’s easy or because she doesn’t care. She also puts her enjoyment and pleasure above all else, displaying her narcissistic tendencies.

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When Misty brings her back to life, Madison immediately states she needs a cigarette, which is funny and true to Madison’s way of life. She’s all about earthly pleasures, morality and propriety be damned. Even when returning from death itself, Madison remains acidic and brutally honest, reacting in the least surprising way possible.

“Go To Hell, You Stupid Hag.”

AHS: CovenEpisode 1, “Bitchcraft.”

Fiona Goode is one of the best female characters in American Horror Story. Powerful and ruthless, Fiona commands respect everywhere she goes; in her own words, she’s “in charge everywhere.” Every witch knows who she is and fears her rage, but not Madison.

Indeed, Madison fears no one and has zero respect for authority. When she meets Fiona, she calls her a “stupid hag,” proving her blatant disregard for rules and those in power. Madison doesn’t owe respect to anyone; she does and says whatever she wants, even if she has to deal with the consequences.

“Either I’m Supreme, Or I’m Not. And, obviously, I Am”

AHS: CovenEpisode 13, “The Seven Wonders.”

The search for the next Supreme is at the heart of American Horror Story: Coven. Every witch in the AHS coven is powerful in her own way, but only one can be the Supreme. Madison seems like the surest bet for a while, and even Fiona believes she’ll be the next Supreme, which is why she kills her. Indeed, Madison shows considerable power throughout the season, convincing many that she’s next in line.

Madison is proud and vain, believing she is better than everyone else. She’s self-assured of her superiority, to the point where she’s certain she’ll be the next Supreme. While other witches are hesitant about their abilities, Madison isn’t; she knows how powerful she is and will do everything to get to the top.

“Why Wait For Some Happily Ever After When You Can Have Your Piece Now?”

AHS: CovenEpisode 3, “The Replacements.”

Madison indulges in drugs, alcohol, and overall excess, believing she needs to enjoy life while she’s young, beautiful, and powerful. She ignores consequences and restrictions, using her powers and influence to get away with almost everything.

When she first meets Luke, the new neighbor, she delivers this quote which pretty much sums up her way of seeing things. Madison lives in the now, caring very little about anything other than herself and her enjoyment. She eventually grows more selfless and begins caring for the coven, but she spends most of her time in the show being profoundly selfish and living only for herself.

“Maybe You Forgot I’m Not Much Of A Hugger.”

AHS: ApocalypseEpisode 5, “Boy Wonder.”

Because of her narcissistic ways, Madison has trouble making friends and building bonds. Even though she spends considerable time with the coven, she doesn’t form any genuine connection with her fellow witches. Things change after her stay in hell, with her experience turning her into a more considerate person who actively tries to protect her sisters.

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Still, she remains cold and distant, trying to keep her facade. When Cordelia hugs her, she resists it, outright declaring that she doesn’t like it. However, Madison eventually sacrifices for her sisters, proving that even though she tries to act all tough, it’s just a defense mechanism.

“Have You Seen My Movies? I Have Fans Everywhere.”

AHS: ApocalypseEpisode 6, “Return To Murder House.”

Fame is everything to Madison. She first introduces herself as “Madison Montgomery, movie star,” and constantly reminds everyone of her notoriety. Her career was apparently on the rise but got derailed by her numerous antics and blossoming magical powers.

Even after spending years away from the spotlight, Madison insists that her fame prevails. This lack of self-awareness is always entertaining and explains many things about the young witch’s personality. Madison is one of the smartest characters in Coven and Apocalypsebut she’ll remain wilfully ignorant about things she doesn’t agree with, approve of, or want to acknowledge.

“I’m Going Back To Hollywood, Where People Are Normal.”

AHS: CovenEpisode 13, “The Seven Wonders.”

Before arriving at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, Madison lived a wild life in Hollywood. As a young and beautiful actress, Madison was used to getting everything she wanted, when and where she wanted it. However, she finds considerable trouble in the coven and loses it when she fails the Seven Wonders.

Madison likes the easy way out. When she discovers she isn’t the Supreme, she chooses to leave the coven and her sisters and go back to where her will is the law. Madison knows the people in Hollywood aren’t “normal” but uses the word to further insult the coven. She doesn’t take rejection well and will always return to where she felt the most powerful.

“I Would Gladly Haunt The S**t Out Of That Place.”

AHS: ApocalypseEpisode 6, “Return To Murder House.”

Behold Chablis, played by Billy Porter, was one of the best new additions to the AHS franchises His dynamic with Madison was also hilarious, with both adding some much-needed levity to the otherwise intense episode “Return to Murder House.” When talking about their death, Madison reveals she’d like to be buried at the movie studio, saying she’d gladly “haunt the s**t out of that place.”

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Even in death, Madison finds a way to spite those around her through her trademark black humor. For all her flaws, she can still laugh at herself; Indeed, she’s often the butt of her own jokes. Ever the movie star, Madison wants to die in the place where her dreams came true, and if she can have some fun in the process, all the better.

“I Guess It’s Back To Retail.”

AHS: ApocalypseEpisode 10, “Apocalypse Then.”

Although she starts her journey as a selfish and bratty superstar, Madison becomes a much better person by the end of her story. She was already one of the bravest witches in American Horror Story: Covenbut Apocalypse shows her change of heart by having her actively protecting her coven sisters.

Ultimately, Madison sacrifices so that Cordelia and Mallory can defeat Michael. She knows she’ll go back to hell — doomed to spend an eternity folding towels and tending to annoying customers who berate her— but doesn’t care if it means saving the world. Madison grows as a person and a witch, proving she’s not beyond saving.

“Surprise, B***h. I Bet You Thought You’d Seen The Last Of Me.”

AHS: CovenEpisode 8, “The Sacred Taking.”

Madison’s most iconic quote is also the one that best describes her. Recently back from death, Madison enjoys torturing Fiona, making fun of her age and her waning powers. Although it’s all part of a plot to get Fiona to crack under pressure, Madison is clearly enjoying the situation.

Even in the face of danger, Madison remains impertinent and sarcastic. She talks down to the Supreme, mocking her and loving every second of it. There’s a reason why this quote is so famous: it completely encapsulates Madison’s personality. Her bratty and childish ways, coupled with her undeniable flair for drama, create an irresistible mix that made her an instant fan favorite.

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