10 Most Anticipated Netflix Movies Releasing Summer 2022

Summer may not officially start until June 21st but that isn’t stopping Netflix from kicking off their summer movie line-up in May. And while movie theaters will be open this summer again, Netflix is ​​offering an incredible line-up of original films for those that don’t want to leave the comfort of their own homes.

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The best part of Netflix’s summer lineup is that there is something for everyone. From star-driven comedies to action-packed movies, there’s so much to enjoy. There’s even a handful of romantic comedies that are slated to hit the streaming service this summer.


Senior Year – May 13th

Netflix is ​​kicking off its summer lineup on May 13th with the release of the Rebel Wilson-led comedy movie Senior Year. Don’t be fooled by the “senior year” title, though; This movie is rated R and probably isn’t something to put on for the family.

The comedy centers on Stephanie (Rebel), a former high school cheerleader who has been in a coma for the last 20-years. When a miracle strikes and she wakes up, Stephanie isn’t ready to give up her teenage life and decides to head back to high school in the hopes of finally being crowned prom queen.

Interceptor – June 3rd

Elsa Pataky in Interceptor

Not much is known about Netflix’s summer action-thriller Interceptor which is why it’s so highly anticipated. For the first time, Elsa Pataky landed a leading role in a thriller-action movie playing J.J. Collins, a military captain whose isolated nuclear missile interceptor base is under attack.

Pataky isn’t the only person stepping into a new role on set. Co-writer Matthew Reilly also stepped out of his comfort zone to make his directorial debut when the movie releases on June 3rd.

Hustle – June 8th

Adam Sandler is continuing his partnership with Netflix with the release of the sports drama Hustle. Co-produced by Sandler and LeBron James, the movie centers on Stanley Beren (Sandler), a basketball scout who is in need of an extraordinary player to turn his life around. Luck is on his side when Stanley comes across a talented player whose been playing overseas.

While Sandler might be producing and staring in Hustle, This isn’t his standard comedy-type movie. It’s too soon to tell if Hustle will be the next best sports movie but it seems to have all the pieces to be one.

Spiderhead – June 17th

spiderhead movie chris hemsworth miles teller

Fans of sci-fi and thriller movies need to mark their calendars for June 17th since that’s when the Chris Hemsworth-led Spiderhead is releasing. Based on a short dystopian story, the movie takes place in the near future where a specific prison gives its prisoners the option to reduce their sentence if they agree to be subjects in emotional-altering drug experiments.

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Spiderhead has been a long time coming since the movie began filming in November 2020 in Australia. It was originally slated for release in 2021 but was pushed to June 17th. Time will tell if the wait was worth it.

Love and Gelato – June 22nd

Love & Gelato Netflix

The New York Times bestselling young adult novel Love & Gelato is finally getting its big-screen treatment when the movie releases on June 22nd. After her mother passes away, Lina is shipped off to Tuscany for the summer to reconnect with he estranged father. Originally displeased with the plan, Lina comes around to it when she discovers her mom’s secret journal brimming with stories of her time in Italy.

The novel was originally released in May 2016 so fans have been waiting a long time to see the characters come to life. Thankfully the wait is almost over.

Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between – July 6th

Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between Netflix

Netflix is ​​really ramping up its young adult adaptation catalog this summer with the release of Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between on July 6th. The romantic comedy is being adapted from the young adult novel of the same name written by Jennifer E. Smith.

The romantic comedy features Taila Ryder and Jordan Fisher as Clare and Aidan, a young couple who is reminiscing about their relationship on their final date before they break up and head to different colleges.

Persuasion – July 15th

Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot in Persuasion header

Another one of Jane Austen’s classic novels is getting the film treatment this summer when Netflix releases Persuasion on July 15th. Based upon Austen’s final novel, the movie stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, a woman who modern audiences would say was born in the wrong time period.

The movie will follow Anne as she grapples with the past and the present when her ex-fiancé comes crashing back into the picture. To make things even more difficult, her wealthy and snobby family is running out of money.

The Gray Man – July 22nd

The Gray Man Netflix

While it might not be another blockbuster Marvel movie, directors Anthony and Joe Russo are excited for the world to see their latest action thriller project The Gray Man. The movie is based on the Mark Greaney novel of the same name and hopes to be the launching point for a new franchise.

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The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling as Court, a CIA black ops mercenary, and Chris Evans as Llyod, an unhinged former colleague who face off in an epic life or death battle when Court’s identity is revealed and Lloyd makes it his mission to track him down and kill him .

13: The Musical – August 12th

13 the Musical Netflix

Netflix is ​​trying their musical luck again with the movie adaptation of the stage production 13: The Musical. The musical made history on Broadway as being the only show with an entirely teenage cast and while the movie did add adults to the mix, it will be exciting to see so many young actors in lead roles.

The movie will center on Evan Goldman, a young boy who, in the midst of preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, is also struggling with his parent’s divorce and his movie from New York City to Indiana. In addition to the beloved Broadway songs, the movie will also feature new tracks.

Me Time – August 26th

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart in Me Time Netflix

Kevin Hart is also extending his partnership with Netflix with the release of Me Time at the tail end of summer. Hart stars opposite Mark Whalberg in the raunchy comedy which is definitely not family-friendly.

Hary plays Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who gets a much-needed break when his wife and kids decide to go on a weekend vacation without him. Though he wanted time alone, Sonny ends up reconnecting with his former best friend who takes Sonny on a wild weekend adventure full of twists and turns.

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