10 Modern Family Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

These Modern Family memes perfectly sum up the personalities of Phil, Jay, Cam, and the rest of the Dunphy, Delgado-Pritchett, and Pritchett clans.

With no signs of Modern Family releasing a spinoff of sorts, fans rely on current projects the cast is working on. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Pritchett) stars in a new play called Take Me Out that was just released this month and can be seen at New York’s Hayes Theatre. Likewise, Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) has a new podcast that she co-hosts with Chad Sanders called Quitters.

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However, some newer roles outside of Modern Family don’t scratch the same itch. The comfort of the show’s 11 seasons is what makes it one of the greats. Fans who resonated with the show created memes to prove how relatable the series is (and how much they miss it).


Claire Dunphy: A Mom Everyone Can Relate To

A split image of Claire Dunphy as a stressed mom on Modern Family

Claire Dunphy was a grown adult but there were times when her petty, childish side got in the way of parenting. When Haley was going through her teenage years and treated her poorly, Claire had no qualms about giving her a taste of her own medicine.

The same can be said for Alex and Luke. As smart and self-sufficient as Alex was, Claire didn’t always care about what she had to say about school because she couldn’t relate. And while Luke will always be her baby, she snapped when he acted immaturely like Phil. This meme created by @GoodtoKnow showed all the wonderful and relatable sides of Claire.

Gloria & Jay Were Polar Opposites When It Came To Parenting

As great of a match as Jay and Gloria were, they were different in a lot of ways. In terms of parenting, Jay was more aloof while Gloria had to know everything that was happening in Manny’s life. When Joe came along, Gloria loosened up and the couple formed a mutual understanding when it came to raising their son together.

The main problem Jay and Gloria had been keeping secrets from each other. Some of the most jaw-dropping betrayals on Modern Family Happened because Gloria and Jay hid certain truths. However, their love for each other and the life they created pulled through and, as this meme showed, they’re some of the cooler parents on the show.

Claire Broke The Bridal Mode

What made Claire one of the best characters in Modern Family was her authenticity. Although her honesty wasn’t always appreciated, Claire never tried to be anyone other than herself. And this was proven when the topic of weddings was brought up.

Claire admitted to Gloria that she never wore a fancy bridal gown because she and Phil got married so quickly without having a big wedding. While looking for a flower girl dress for Lily, Claire put on a wedding dress for fun. What made this moment stand out was that she stayed true to herself and refused to take off her running shoes. Fans who saw themselves in Claire loved this scene (and meme).

The Fictional Netflix Show Fans Need!

@ModernFamily.Pride created a fictional series of shows that they would love to see Modern Family characters star in. While all of them sound fantastic, there’s something special about a made-up series of Jay and Stella’s bond.

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At first, he didn’t want a dog and was mad that Gloria brought her home. But over time, Jay seemed to love Stella more than Gloria! If Modern Family continued for a 12th season, watching Jay prepare for a new opportunity with Stella on TV would have been the perfect exit.

The Love & Future Of Fizbo The Clown

Another meme created by @ModernFamily.Pride is this fictional tale of Fizbo: The Clown Who Finds a Man.

In the series, Cam admitted that he went to clown college and had an alter-ego named Fizbo the Clown. Whenever the opportunity presented himself, Cam transformed into Fizbo. The only problem was that Mitch hated Fizbo and found him unattractive. But despite this, Mitchell loved Cam and accepted him for who he was, red nose and all. A prequel about Cam (as Fizbo) finding love would be entertaining.

Don’t Test Cam’s Dramatics

Cameron is one of the more dramatic characters in Modern Family. While the little girl pictured in the meme isn’t Cam’s actual daughter, he would have done the same thing if Lily screamed at him. Nobody outscreams Cameron Tucker.

In the scene, Cam and Gloria lost Stella and looked for her around the neighborhood. When they found a young girl walking Stella, acting as if Stella was her dog, Cam and Gloria put her to the test. The girl screamed when they took the dog but she was no match for Cam’s yelp.

Beware Of Clive Bixby

To keep their spicy marriage, Claire and Phil had alter-egos they would transform into for Valentine’s Day and date nights: Juliana and Clive Bixby. Juliana was calmer and more adventurous than Claire. Likewise, Clive was a smooth talker and more present than Phil.

Together, Juliana and Clive had some of the best Modern Family moments. Like the meme suggested, even Phil was worried about his wife being around Clive Bixby. The effect their alter-egos had on each other was intoxicating.

“Hey, Hey!”

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Modern Family. However, there’s one thing that bothers fans from time to time, and that’s the theme song. As upbeat as it is, it starts fans on every rewatch.

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The cold open ends quickly and the theme song’s “Hey! Hey!” kicks off the brief intro. No matter how many times fans have seen this show, it still surprises viewers with how abruptly it starts.

Everyone Has A Little Bit Of Cam In Them

Reddit made a thread about the best Modern Family quotes and it looks like they forgot one. When Cam said in a talking head, “Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go?” he said this after he stirred the pot at a retirement facility and caused a kerfuffle during a card game.

Cam wondered why drama followed him without realizing that all he had to do was look in the mirror. Cam isn’t alone, of course. There are plenty of viewers who overthink themselves into oblivion and it causes unnecessary drama.

Mitchell’s Insecurities

Some could say that Mitchell is Modern Family’s main character because of his character arc over 11 seasons. He was open about his fears, insecurities, and desires, and eventually grew as a person, father, and partner by season 11.

This scene of him in an isolation pool proved to be too much for Mitchell. Being alone with his thoughts without distraction for that long was too much to handle. The meme’s creator joked that they too can’t sleep when they lie awake at night and think about all the mistakes they’ve made in their life.

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