10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Joker As A Character

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions/depictions of drug use.

Joker: Folie à Deux has been officially confirmed by Todd Phillips, according to Esquireand there are mixed opinions about the decision of making a sequel to the extraordinary film Joker. It is hard to imagine a movie that could follow the quality of the previous title, however, Inside the Magic states that there is excitement around the possibility that Willem Dafoe could play an impostor of the Joker next to Joaquin Phoenix.

Only incredibly talented actors such as Joaquin Phoenix and Willem Dafoe could capture the wicked and disturbing nature of one of the most iconic villains of all time. The Joker has been portrayed numerous times, but most importantly he has provided inspiration for hilarious memes that sum up him as a character.


10 Constantly Criticizing Society

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The Joker constantly questions society’s values ​​and rules. He frequently reflects on how everybody has to pretend to be somebody else to fit society’s standards, which to him, is foolish and absurd. In his latest movies, he could be considered an anarchist, given that he also disapproves of social and political institutions.

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He likes provoking chaos to prove his point on how fragile and worthless are social structures and systems. By doing so, he also shows how people wear metaphorical masks and pretend to be nice when the reality is that everyone is selfish and evil. In Comedy Central’s clip, The Guys Get Down With The Juggalos, Rebel Wilson delivers this line that could have come straight out of the Joker’s mouth.

9 A Sinister Clown


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Clowns are usually famous for attending kids’ parties, performing tricks, or telling jokes. They are often related to family-friendly environments, yet they can be either loved or feared by children.

When the latter comes to mind, the Joker is a twisted type of clown that could join other scary and sinister fictional clowns such as Pennywise and Captain Spaulding. The Joker is clearly not kind or funny to children, but a psychotic villain that will make viewers reflect on the darkest aspects of life.

8 Joker Can Be Relatable


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The Joker’s personality and backstory have changed a lot throughout the years, his most notable being falling into a vat of chemicals. In the latest movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, the character had a very plausible and real explanation for his twisted behaviors, which made this film a drama that verged on becoming a horror film.

There were no irrational or crazy reasons behind his actions, but triggers caused by society’s most questionable and cruel aspects that everybody knows too well. The Joker was a victim of the lack of social and political empathy for people with mental health conditions, and through that plotline, the movie became gritty in its realism.

7 Psychotic Behaviour


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Drugs have a different effect on human behaviors and each cartoonal of the Joker seems to have been built based on its distinctive consequences. All of them are considered mad or psychotic but at first, he was depicted in a more light-hearted way, and as time progressed he kept getting more intense, twisted, and darker.

For example, Cesar Romero’s Joker had an energetic personality and found amusement in trippy jokes and pranks, which could be associated with LSD. However, nothing drives people crazier and grimmer than having to work many hours for little money, and that’s why Joaquin is one of the best Joker actors.

6 A Born Leader


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The Joker is known for being able to create chaos wherever he is, and despite his evil means, he can give good arguments to justify his actions. Quite often, he makes sense and that is a frightening aspect of him. This led bright characters such as Harley Quinn to become his ally, or for Gotham to portray him as a hero and start riots in his name.

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He is very intelligent, persuasive, and manipulative. And in Joker, he was relatable and spoke for common citizens who were always overviewed by the rich and powerful. His lack of proper mental health care drove him to murder but he ended up people’s satiety representation of injustice.

5 DC’s Salvation

The Joker- DC- Salvation

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Marvel releases movies year after year and most debate whether all of them are qualitative films or are just made to earn money at the box office. DC’s movies may not be innocent of attempting to do the same, however, Joker was made with such cinematographic excellency that it reached very high rating scores on many platforms.

It was praised by film critics and fans everywhere, most notably Joaquin Phoenix in one of his best character performances, which was mentioned by many to be as good as the legendary interpretation of Heath Ledger. It is undebatable that the Joker is one of DC’s strongest characters that keep fans running to the movie theater every time there is a movie about him.

4 A Scarred Smile


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In The Dark Knight, the Joker gives different stories as to why he has the scars on his cheeks. In the first one, he explains his mother defended herself from his abusive father with a knife, which the latter later used to cut his face. In the second version, he did it to himself after his wife was carved and disfigured. These stories added to his twisted persona, arguably making Reddit users root for the infamous movie villain.

But there could be a funnier third version of events where the Joker’s smile is a result of eating freezies. Almost every adult remembers the sharp plastic edges of a particular brand of freezies that would even cut a little bit and leave the corners of the mouth injured.

3 Joker Can Brighten Up People’s Day


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The Joker is very dark and evil, however, despite his wicked personality, he sometimes makes people’s day better with jokes, pranks, clumsiness, or outfits. His very unique personality has caught the interests of many and for some, he is a reason to smile for the day.

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That has been the case for Harley Quinn, whose strong love for him gave her a purpose in life, as well as for the audiences that laughed at him in his stand-up show. He may not make people’s day for the right reasons, but he does somehow before or after he is done a killing spree.

2 His Lego Version Is Always Forgotten


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Of all the Jokers, the LEGO Batman version voiced by Zach Galifianakis is the softest one, and maybe that’s why he is constantly forgotten by most fans. He is affably evil and he cries when Batman dismisses their relationship because all he wants is Batman’s attention. However, he is very funny and charming.

The Joker in The LEGO Batman Movie recognizes how his special relationship with Batman is and demands to be recognized as his favorite villain, although Batman (hilariously voiced by Will Arnett) insists that place has been taken by Superman. He may not be as renowned, but sometimes fans need to be reminded how special their enmity is, and the LEGO version of Joker achieved that.

1 An Iconic Maniac Laugh


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The Joker is the perfect mix of insanity, villainy, and comedy. He loves to be a clown in his very unique and disturbing way, and given that he finds the funny side out of everything, he has a distinct wicked laugh that every actor who has played him has tried to capture and perfect.

His laugh is maniacal and nobody could recognize the Joker without it. It is his signature trait and always laughs out loud whenever he is doing an evil deed or killing someone, so it is fair to say that the Joker can’t do any slaughter without laughter.

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