10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Alfred As A Character

It was recently announced at DC Fandom that Season 3 of Pennyworth will debut on HBO Max this fall (via Parade). This is great news for the show’s fans, as the show was on the verge of cancellation. Pennyworth explores the backstory of Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

From serving as a British SAS soldier to his friendship with Thomas Wayne, it’s clear why the show is so popular. Alfred is an interesting character but is often overshadowed by Batman. However, there are a number of memes that summarize the greatest characteristics of the devoted butler.


10 Bruce’s Father Figure

Even though Batman has a brooding persona, Alfred knows him well enough to know that’s not always the case. Sometimes, even Bruce needs the comfort of a parental figure in their times of need.

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In the meme above, Batman has had a scary dream and wants to sleep in Alfred’s room. While funny on the surface, deep down it symbolizes their chemistry. Batman is so comfortable around Alfred that he doesn’t think twice about asking Alfred a question like this. On the flip side, even though Alfred sighs, he knows that he isn’t the same man without Bruce. It’s because of this unbreakable chemistry that Bruce and Alfred are inseparable.

9 He’s Timeless


As long as Batman has been around, Alfred has been there with him. It only makes sense that there would be a long list of actors to portray him.

Each portrayal of Alfred has brought something different, while staying true to the character. For example, Michael Caine touched on Alfred’s caring and protective nature in The Dark Knight Trilogywhereas Jeremy Irons brought out Alfred’s tech savviness in Batman V. Superman and Justice League. It’s disappointing not to see any animated cartoonals of Alfred here, such as Efrem Zimbalist Jr. in Batman: The Animated Series.

8 An Expert Fighter

Alfred is famously known as being Batman’s moral compass but not many people know that he can hold his own in a fight. Alfred was part of the British Special Forces and there are numerous examples of him “being a badass”.

This meme is from the film Batman: Bad Blood, Where Alfred temporarily covers for a missing Batman while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City. To prove how physically threatening Alfred can be, there is a scene in the movie in which he kills Calculator and The Mad Hatter in a span of minutes.

7 An Important Member Of The Bat Family

In the comics, there are different origins as to how Alfred joined the Wayne family. In Pre-Crisis, he takes up the mantle after his father Jarvis passes away. In Post-Crisis, he has been with Bruce since Bruce’s birth. Regardless, he has been serving the Wayne family for a long time.

This tends to be an overlooked aspect, especially since Bruce’s residence is named Wayne Manor. Because of his caretaker nature, Alfred is as important a member of the Bat Family as Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon. This is shown by his incredible number of live action appearances. The meme also speaks to the somewhat cynical attitude that Alfred has.

6 He Points Out Bruce’s Flaws

Alfred has raised Bruce ever since Bruce’s parents were killed in Crime Alley. Therefore, he knows just about everything there is to know about him and doesn’t hesitate to point out Bruce’s flaws.

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Throughout the comics, TV shows, movies, and video games, there have been many iterations of Alfred. However, one thing has never changed, and that is his connection with Bruce. This is usually shown through Alfred’s savage quips like in the meme above. Normally, comments like this would grow tiresome and irritating, no matter how much validity they have. However, the respect that Alfred and Bruce have for one another only strengthens their bond.

5 A Joker

Batman has never been one to crack jokes. In fact, he’s one of the most no-nonsense superheroes and the most serious member of the Justice League.

Alfred is a great foil for Bruce as he brings humor into Bruce’s dry world. Much like Bruce, Alfred feels the pain of losing the Wayne parents, as he served them before Bruce was born. It’s important that he keep the levity in order to keep Bruce emotionally strong. Alfred’s humor is subtle and clever, such as pointing out that Batman has the prefix “Bat” in front of everything.

4 Underappreciated

Andy Serkis is one of the few actors to play characters in both Marvel and DC. Marvel fans will recognize him as playing Black Panther villain Ulysses Klaue. DC fans will obviously recognize him for playing Alfred in The Batman.

Robert Pattinson was one of the best actors to play Bruce Wayne, despite his gothic look and long hair. He doesn’t see Alfred clearly because of it. However, this in and of itself has a deeper meaning. Batman hasn’t always fully appreciated what Alfred does for him. It’s time for Bruce to get a trim and see Alfred for who he really is, the glue that holds him together.

3 Extremely Loyal

Because of his loyal nature, Alfred has a fear of failure, not only towards himself and Bruce, but towards Thomas and Martha Wayne. Alfred decides to help Bruce become Batman and acts as his crutch when Batman faces the Joker. Alfred cares so much for Bruce, that he tries to steer him away from being Batman.

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This leads to an emotional scene in The Dark Knight Rises where Alfred believes Bane killed Bruce and is apologizing to Thomas and Martha at their graves (which also includes Bruce’s). The loyalty buildup throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy, made the emotion of the scene inevitable, much like crying in the presence of an onion.

2 Father Figure

The meme is pretty self-explanatory but actually has a much deeper meaning. In fact, many of Alfred’s quotes in the live-action films emphasize his father figure mentally.

As Thomas Wayne was killed when Bruce was a child, there wasn’t a father figure in Bruce’s life. Alfred sought to fill that role, as he still wanted Bruce to grow up with a normal life. He wants what’s best for Bruce and being involved in all faces of Bruce’s life is part of being a father figure. This includes being curious, even at the cost of being oblivious.

1 Respectful

Alfred and Bruce have been through a lot together, including saving Gotham from super villains and being a crutch for one another when needed. As smart and well-meaning as Batman is, he is prone to be impulsive and bossy.

Bruce’s hot-headedness irritates Alfred at times, especially considering how he is always by Bruce’s side through thick and thin. Alfred has enough respect for what Batman represents, so much so that he keeps Bruce’s secret identity hidden. He certainly has thoughts about telling Bruce how he really feels, yet he holds back due to the love and respect that he has for Bruce.

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