10 Magical Girl Anime That Are So Bad They’re Good

Magical girl anime have been around for decades. Stemming back to the early days of anime, they’ve come a long way throughout the years and have impacted anime in many ways. Many of the most influential series of all time are magical girl series, recognized worldwide as some of the best anime around.

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With many iconic magical girls out there, not every series is a success. In fact, some magical girls are just plain bad. However, sometimes the worst series turns out to be the best in their own way. They may not even come close to the greatness of other magical girls, but these series are so bad fans can’t help but love them anyway.

10 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Is Edgy In The Best Of Ways

Most agree that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a great series and an amazing addition to the magical girl genre. However, just as many think it’s not as good as fans make it out to be. No matter anyone’s opinion, there’s no denying that Madoka Magica is an incredibly edgy series, sometimes maybe even too edgy.

Nothing good ever seems to happen to the girls in the series, and some might argue it’s painful to watch their suffering. The series takes everything about magical girls and twists it into something dark and unrecognizable, but it does so in the best way. Anyone who loves a good magical girl deconstruction will love Madokathe originator of the trend.

9 Magical Project S Parodies Magical Girl Tropes

There have been many magical girl parodies over the years, and Magical Project S is one of the earlier examples of this trend. Sasami from the Tenchi Muyo franchise]gains the ability to transform into the magical heroine Pretty Sammy. But unlike most magical girls, she’s not exactly thrilled with the idea of ​​being chosen to fight evil.

The series is a cheesy and ridiculous blend of every magical girl cliché under the sun, and it does a perfect job of calling out the many series trying to piggyback off of the success of big-name titles such as Sailor Moon.

8 I’ve Had Enough Of Being A Magical Girl Combines The Genre With Parody And Slice-Of-Life

I’ve Had Enough of Being a Magical Girl is another attempt at parodying the tropes of magical girls, this time combining it with a simple slice-of-life plot. It begins like most magical girl stories do, with a normal school girl suddenly being granted magical powers by a mysterious and cute talking animal.

However, Yuzuka is reluctant from the start. Once transforming into her ridiculous costume, which resembles a bathing suit more than anything, Yuzuka is ready to throw in the towel right then and there. Like other parodies, it’s a silly and exaggerated take on the magical girl, and though some may find the slice-of-life aspect boring, it’s a cute watch for fans who like to poke fun at the genre.

7 Nurse Witch Komugi Is A Fanservice Spin-Off Series

Nurse Witch Komugi is a spin-off of SoulTaker And, aside from its characters, it has absolutely nothing to do with its sister series. It stars Komugi Nakahara, a typical teenage girl who becomes the titular Magical Nurse and battles against the escaped King of Viruses.

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With a silly plot, obnoxious characters, and tons of fanservice throughout, most consider Nurse Witch Komugi to be an awful spin-off. However, while it’s undeniably bad, there’s something very entertaining about its absurdity and crude humor. For those who like parodies and slapstick anime, this anime is right up their alley.

6 Is This A Zombie? Is One Of The Weirdest Magical Girl Series Around

There’s a lot to unpack with Is This a Zombie?, and it’s nothing short of bizarre. For starters, the series begins with the sudden murder of protagonist Ayumu Aikawa. However, he doesn’t stay dead long, and after being revived as a zombie, he goes on the hunt for his killer.

But before he can hope to find them, he somehow gains magical powers and essentially become a magical girl hunting evil creatures. Everything about this series is weird and confusing, but somehow it just works. It’s hilarious and amusing from the start and is definitely nothing like the typical magical girl series.

5 Powerpuff Girls Z Is Goofy And Nothing Like The Cartoon That Inspired It

Based on the American cartoon, Powerpuff Girls Z features three magical superheroines who fight an assortment of colorful and hilarious villains. Many fans of the original cartoon can’t stand this adaptation of a beloved classic, and even those unfamiliar with the original consider PPGZ a flop.

Despite its obvious inspiration, the anime is nothing like the cartoon and gets a lot of the wrong characters, shoehorning in the usual magical girl tropes instead. While this outraged many fans, it’s pretty hilarious how goofy and ridiculous the series turned out to be. Even though Powerpuff Girls Z Is inaccurate and bad, it’s still a fun watch for fans and non-fans of the original.

4 Magical Girl Site Has A Storyline That’s Comically Dark

Some may say that Madoka Magica is “edgy for the sake of it,” but Magical Girl Site brings new meaning to the phrase. It’s abysmally dark right from the start as viewers are forced to sit through the constant bullying and abuse of the protagonist. Even after she gets her magical abilities, nothing really seems to get better.

The whole series is just incredibly dark, to a point where it becomes utterly contrived. Many have labeled Magical Girl Site as one of the worst magical girl series out there. Even if that’s the case, the series is still entertaining in its own way and can at least be given credit in that regard.

3 Magical Girl Ore Never Takes Itself Seriously, And That’s A Good Thing

Magical Girl Or starts out like any other magical girl series, with a cute, young aspiring idol who suddenly finds her world has changed forever after she gains magical powers. However, she’s not just any magical girl. After transforming, she takes on the form of a buff man, clad in a cute and frilly dress.

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Like most magical girl parodies, the series makes many self-aware jokes and is a commentary on the sillier side of magical girl tropes. Despite its appearance, it’s nothing but laughs for the entire audience and is a fun watch for anyone, whether they like magical girls or not.

2 Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Brings New Meaning To The Term “Magical Boy”

When people think of magical boys, they are hardly ever picture scrawny schoolboys in cute and frilly outfits. However, that’s exactly what fans get with Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!. From the very title of the series, viewers know just what they’re getting themselves into with this anime. Everything about it is absurd and cringy, yet somehow perfect all the same.

It’s yet another parody of magical girls, but it takes the joke to new heights with its silly characters and formulaic plot. Many are critical of the series, overlooking the fact that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. But no matter its initial reception, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is probably one of the best magical girl parodies out there.

1 Mahou Shojo? Naria Girls Is Hilariously Bad

Mahou Shojo? Naria Girls is pretty unassuming. It looks like any ordinary magical girl series, hardly standing out in the crowd. That is until someone actually watches it. Everything about the series is lazy and awful, from the art to the animation to the characters themselves.

However, that’s exactly what the series aims for. Naria Girls is in no way a series meant to be taken seriously. It’s a magical girl parody ramped up to the highest levels, making a joke out of every aspect of the genre. It’s one of the most unique takes on a parody out there and is the very epitome of “so bad it’s good.”

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