10 Characters Who Never Got Their Chance To Shine

A series that somehow remains as hilarious as it was 30 years ago, Seinfeld is a sitcom bursting at the seams with iconic recurring characters. Despite this, some of these characters did not get the spotlight they deserved.

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Netflix recently the purchased streaming rights to Seinfeld, and it has remained one of the top streamed programs on the platform. So many characters have come and gone, but which ones stand out despite their lack of screen time?

Eric The Clown

Eric the Clown speaks angrily to George Costanza

In a story of George Costanza’s drastic effect on some unsuspecting victim’s life, Eric the Clown made his only appearance as a clown-for-hire, which leads to a long tangent from George about Bozo the Clown. Eric was hired to be the clown for the birthday party of George’s girlfriend’s son in the Season 5 episode “The Fire.”


As the title suggests, he was tasked with putting out a grease fire when George Costanza shoved everybody out of the way to escape first, eventually leading to George’s break up with the girlfriend. Eric the clown was portrayed by Jon Favreau of MCU fame, making his most recent appearance as Happy Hogan in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Mr. Bookman

Mr Brookman speaks to Jerry Seinfeld in his apartment

Fans may argue about the quality changes between all 9 seasons of Seinfeld, but the Season 3 episode “The Library” is one of Seinfeld’s best. The “Library Cop” was portrayed by veteran actor Philip Baker Hall who made his mark with this character performance of the no-nonsense detective.

The character only appeared in two episodes, one of which was only a brief appearance in the show’s finale. Hall is still actively working as an actor, most recently making appearances in the Netflix series Messiah in 2018.


Timy scolds George for double dipping a chip

Timmy was portrayed by Kieran Mulroney for the Season 4 episode “The Implant.” He was the brother of George’s then-girlfriend, Betsy, who chastised George for double-dipping his chip. George continues to instigate with Timmy by double-dipping another chip, leading to a fight between the two.

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Mulroney only portrayed Timmy for the one episode, but said episode still remains one of the series’ most quotable. He is still currently acting, but is also an active screenwriter, most recently contributing to the 2017 reboot of Power Rangers.

The Mohel

The mohel is angry with George and Elaine

The Season 5 episode “The Bris” saw Jerry and Elaine take on the responsibilities of a Godparent. One of these duties was making sure the child is completely safe during the bris (which they failed to do).

Known for his role portraying Elliot Novak on the sitcom Alice, Charles Levin made his mark portraying the anal-retentive Mohel in charge of the bris. While the character was zany enough to make a possible return to the series, this was the last viewers saw of the character.

Babs Kramer

Babs and Cosmo Kramer walk down the street.

There is no doubt that Michael Richards’ portrayal of Cosmo Kramer is one of the best sitcom performances of all time. Still, fans never knew anything about the character’s background (including his first name) until the Season 6 episode “The Switch”, when George needs Kramer’s mother to make sure his model girlfriend isn’t bulimic.

Sheree North provided a memorable performance of a character that fits perfectly with Michael Richards’ Kramer, but only appeared in two episodes. The actress passed away on November 5th, 2005 from complications from a recent surgery procedure.

The Mandlebaums

The Mandlebaums watch TV in a hospital room

In one of the more memorable episodes of Season 8 fans are introduced to the Mandlebaums, a generation of senior citizens who believe they have more youth in them than they appear. While all three men provided a memorable performance, it is clearly that of Lloyd Bridges’ Izzy Mandelbaum that stands out.

Bridges died the following year after making a second appearance as the stand-out character when he is tasked with getting Jerry in shape in the Season 9 episode “The Blood”, and later in the Season 9 episode “The Burning”, an episode dedicated to his memory.


Tony sits at a restaurant booth

Elaine is a character known for some of the worst Seinfeld relationship decisions throughout the show’s run. One of those instances is when she dates Tony in the Season 5 episode “The Stall”. Tony was an adrenaline junkie who has nothing in common with Elaine but looks. Once he falls down the side of a mountain while climbing with George and Kramer and damages his face, Elaine eventually dumps him.

Tony was portrayed by 90s television personality Dan Cortese, who only had a single appearance. Cortese appears sporadically in the entertainment industry, but most recently appeared as the host of Beach Bake Battle.


Darin and Kramer speak in Jerry's apartment

Making one outrageous appearance in the Season 9 episode “The Voice”, Darin was Kramer’s assistant when he decided his schedule was too cluttered. When the two discover Darin can not use this work for his internship credit, he is forced to find a real business to work for.

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Darin was portrayed by Jarrad Paul who is still an active actor, director, and screenwriter. Paul most recently appeared in the TBS comedy series Chad.


George and Jimmy talk in a locker room

One of the more unusual characters in Seinfeld, Jimmy is the title character in the Season 6 episode “The Jimmy.” Jimmy usually speaks in the third person, leading to Elaine accidentally accepting a date from him. The character is portrayed hilariously by Anthony Starke.

The role of Jimmy is perhaps Starke’s most well-known, but he has continued to find success as an actor, most recently appearing in the 2020 film The Scorpion’s Tale.

The Soup Nazi

Even people that haven’t seen Seinfeld have likely heard of The Soup Nazi. Now remembered as one of the best characters in Seinfelddespite only being in two episodes, The Soup Nazi first appeared in the Season 7 episode of the same name, and once again appeared in the two-part series finale.

The Soup Nazi was portrayed by Larry Thomas, who has continued to portray the iconic character in numerous television shows, films, and commercials.

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