10 Best Shows Like Apple TV+’s Loot

Apple TV+’s new sitcom Loot debuts on June 24, 2022, joining a long line of workplace comedies that focus on the mega-wealthy. Maya Rudolph stars in the new series as Molly Novak, a recently divorced woman whose settlement awarded her $87 million and the freedom to do with it what she pleases. As Molly attempts to navigate her lavish new lifestyle, a slew of personal and professional hiccups ensues that makes her question whether or not money indeed leads to happiness.

Whether it’s the tech industry, film business, professional sports world, swanky vacation resorts, and more, Loot adds to a healthy crop of TV workplace sitcoms that explore the lifestyles of the ultra-rich and famous.


Odd Mom Out (2015-2017)

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Jill touches the walls with both hands in Odd Mom Out

An ideal companion piece to watch alongside Loot is Odd Mom Out, a hilarious glimpse at the ultra-wealthy “momzillas” in New York’s upper crust. The sitcom centers on the likable main character Jill Weber (played as a heightened version of herself by Jill Kargman), a popular socialite doing her best to compete with the cutthroat nature of the highly competitive Upper East Side.

Because Weber draws from her own personal experience living in such glamorous and exclusive environments, the show has a decidedly satirical bent regarding what it means to live such a privileged life and how money is never the be-all-end-all to sustain true .

Entourage (2004-2011)

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Vinne and the gang drive in a black car in Entourage

An absolute blast of Hollywood excess, fashion, trendiness, and the ramifications befalling the rich and famous at the hands of the fickle film business, Entourage is one of the all-time escapist sitcoms. Also a cautionary fish-out-of-water tale, bright-eyed Vinnie Chase (Adrien Grenier) has his life thrown into a high-flying tailspin when his humble beginnings in Queens, New York turn into a Hollywood fantasy come true.

As Vinnie climbs the ranks of superstardom and becomes extremely wealthy, he and his entourage enjoy a lavish lifestyle of clubbing, partying, traveling, and burning money like it’s going out of style. However, fame and fortune cannot fill the void in Vinnie’s soul, and no amount of money can prevent him from, and just like Molly in LootVinnie must find a way forward after splitting from his spouse.

Sex And The City (1998-2004)

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Carrie and her friends walk down the city streets in Sex and the City

HBO’s delightfully breezy hit sitcom Sex and The City isn’t so much a workplace comedy as it is a touching tale of friendship among four wealthy New York socialites navigating romance. However, between the strong female leads, witty sense of humor, and opulently chic fashion trends of the New York elite, the show has a lot in common with Loot.

While much of the story focuses on Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), it’s really about her profound bonds with her three besties, who do their best to remain faithful to each other despite all of the bachelors in their life that make it difficult at times . For such a funny and lighthearted show about the ultra-wealthy, it tackles important issues like safe sex, infidelity, femininity, and more.

Ballers (2015-2019)

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If one swapped the film business in Entourage for professional sports, the result may resemble Ballers, another wildly entertaining workplace sitcom about the mega-wealthy. Dwayne Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore, a former football star turned sports agent who does his best to get his clients the most lucrative contracts. The term ballers connote football players as well as financially successful people.

As Spencer and his clients enjoy the perks of becoming more rich and famous, jet-setting and yachting around the globe, and accumulating a wealth of assets, the personal toll on them becomes too difficult to reconcile. The way the show weaves real-life athletes with the actors gives it an authentic vibe that makes the cautionary side of the story resonate even more.

Silicon Valley (2014-2019)

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Richard codes in front of his employees in Silicon Valley

Currently rated #205 on IMDb’s Top 250 TV Shows of All-Time, Silicon Valley is one of the funniest and most well-observed workplace sitcoms about the affluent tech culture in Palo Alto, California. The story follows Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), a brilliant but supremely socially awkward coder whose life is upended when his company Pied Piper receives millions of dollars worth of funding and makes him a major player in the tech world.

Aside from mordantly ribbing the entire culture of tech billionaires and their sense of entitlement, the show is really about friendship at its core and how far Richard is willing to go to pursue success at the cost of losing his closest friends. Loot fans are bound to get a kick from creator Mike Judge’s trenchant brand of satire.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2019)

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Kimmy faces Jacqueline in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

One of the most acclaimed sitcoms in the streaming era, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is bound to appeal to Loot fans for the way it depicts the pros and cons of extreme wealth. The story centers on Kimmy, a young woman with a new lease on life after fleeing a harmful cult, beginning life anew in New York City with a positive attitude, life knocks Kimmy down at nearly every turn in hilariously relatable circumstances.

The real appeal for Loot fans, aside from co-creator Tina Fey’s brand of humor aligning with her SNL alum Maya Rudolph, is Kimmy’s relationship with her boss, Jacqueline Voorhees (Jane Krakowski), a wickedly out-of-touch wealthy socialite who indirectly teaches her that money can ‘t buy happiness.

Acapulco (2021-)

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Maximo holds cocktails in the pool in Acapulco

Apple+ TV’s new Spanish and English language sitcom Acapulco is another opulent workplace comedy that is perfect to watch alongside Loot. Narrated in flashback, the rags-to-riches story concerns Maximo Ramos (Eugenio Derbez), a wealthy mogul living his best life in Malibu who recounts the time he worked at a lavish beachside resort as a pool boy during his younger days in the 1980s .

A wonderful character-driven piece that explores the idealism of youth versus the crass cynicism of adulthood, the show does a splendid job of showing the lasting consequences Ramos faces in becoming a successful tycoon. With stunning beachside settings, a sweet-natured tone, and a compelling lead character (Enrique Arizon as the younger Maximo), Acapulco is a must-visit destination this summertime.

Human Resources (2022-)

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Connie holds up a document in Human Resources

Despite being an adult animated series, there’s no way to omit the hysterical workplace sitcom Human Resources from the fray. First of all, it also stars Maya Rudolph, reuniting her with the Big Mouth creators that led to her winning two Primetime Emmys. Secondly, it shares the same universe with Big Mouth, extending its adolescent characters to the ups and downs of adulthood.

Rudolph reprises her award-winning role as Connie LaCienega, a Hormone Monster who helps teenagers navigate the growing pains of puberty. While admitted less about the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Loot fans will get an absolute kick out of Rudolph’s side-splitting performance.

Parks And Recreation (2009-2015)

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Leslie stands by her team in Parks and Recreation

Loot creators Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang also wrote together on Parks and Recreation, which still ranks as one of the funniest and most beloved workplace sitcoms on record. As such, fans can expect the same comedic sensibilities, offbeat characters, and political satire in Loot. Both shows even share some of the same actors, including Adam Scott in a recurring role.

Currently rated #120 on IMDb’s Top 250, the acclaimed sitcom revolves around Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), a plucky Parks Department employee in Indiana who does her best to root out the influence of big money, corrupt politicians who use their wealth to bribe others and ensure their positions of power, and the like, making it a perfect Midwestern companion piece to the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Loot.

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971)

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The Clampetts drive through Beverly Hills in The Beverly Hillbillies

The original fish-out-of-water sitcom about a family suddenly coming into extreme wealth, most of the aforementioned TV shows owe a debt of gratitude to The Beverly Hillbillies, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Upon striking oil on their land in the Ozarks, the Clampetts’ lives rapidly go from poverty to ultra-posh upon moving to Beverly Hills, California, where they begin to ruffle the feathers of their snobby, stuck-up neighbors.

With a lot to say about money being the root of evil as well as the agent of upward mobility, the roll scenarios the Clampett family gets into remains salient 60 years later, proving that it’s what people have in their hearts, minds, and souls that gives them inherent value.

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