🌱 Bowden Park Upgrades + Zoo Eggstravaganza + Boise Pig Hire

Happy Wednesday, people of Boise! Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in town today.

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Boise Daily. We start with a Boise company changing the way employees are in the office. Zoo Boise and the Easter Bunny are teaming up this year and the College of Western Idaho wants to hear from students. The Boise Airport Hired a new employee for one day and new equipment is planned for a small Boise neighborhood park.

First, today’s weather:

Warmer in the afternoon. High: 57, Low: 34.

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Here are the top stories in Boise today:

  1. Much has been written regarding working from home and a shorter work week, but John Sowell and the Magic Valley News brings the story local. A Boise employer made the move to a four-day week permanent after experimenting with the idea for seven months. (Times-News)
  2. After the Easter Bunny not hosting children at Zoo Boise, the celebration returns this year. CBS2 staff break the news Easter Eggstravaganza is back on April 9-10 complete with 30,000 pieces of candy. (Idaho News)
  3. If you are a student attending the College of Western Idahothe college wants you to complete a satisfaction survey. Boise Patch has a link to the survey and it opens the door to win one 50 prizes. (Boise Patch)
  4. The Boise Airport had some fun on April 1, releasing the announcement of hiring a pig to sniff out those attempting to smuggle potatoes other than Idaho’s own. LITE-FM’s Nikki West has the hilarious story of a pig complete with a captain’s cap and nail polish. (LiteOnline.com)
  5. If your family visits Bowden Park near South Junior High, expect some new amenities. BoiseDev reporter Anna Daly writes new playground equipment is coming for the kids along with four exercise stations for adults. (boisedev.com)

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Today in Boise:

  • Boise State University will be hosting a part-time and summer job fair on Wednesday for positions on campus. (10 am)
  • Capital High School will join with other local teams for a varsity golf tournament at Quail Hollow Golf Course on Wednesday. (1 pm)
  • Lauren T Kistner is the feature artist this month at the Art Source Gallery. Meet Kistner and view her works on Wednesday. (5 pm)
  • The Spongebob Musical takes the stage at the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday. (6:30 pm)
  • The Arts and History Commission for the City of Boise meets Wednesday at Boise City Hall. (3:30 pm)

A spring day at the Boise Depot. John L. Braese/Patch Media

From my notebook:

  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Sunset: “Can anyone help me identify this plant? – It was a gift several years ago and after repotting it, I’m wondering if I can take it outside when it’s warmer. Thanks for the help!” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Fairview-Northhampton: “https://www.corporateaccountab… – Got a notice in the mail today about this merger from suez. Just another way our city leaders have sold us out.” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Fairview to Ustick: “Anyone suggest a good orthopedic surgeon for The Knee in Boise – My surgeon of 20 years retired and I need my fourth surgery.” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, North End East: “Extra large print books to loan – Does anyone have extra large (super large) print books they are willing to loan out? My recently widowed mother with very poor eyesight and even worse hearing is finding her days to be long.” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, East Foothills: “Help from someone who can sew? – I was hoping a neighbor with a sewing machine could help me. I am trying to make flags to cheer my brother in at the Boston marathon. I just need the ends of some flags I have to be sewed over.” (Nextdoor)

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John Braese

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